Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Run

I did, in fact, go for a run yesterday. With the hub and the dogs. I'm pretty convinced now, if I wasn't before, that I'm a loner runner. Running with hub isn't so bad. Running with dogs takes too much energy and effort! So much so that at 1.5 miles, I got a huge, spasming stitch on my right side - right under the ribs down into my stomach.

I had to stop and hand the leash of the dog I was running with over to M. Once it calmed down, I made up some of the rest of my run, which I figure was just under 2 miles total.

It was much nicer to be out running than to be at home cooking! Regardless, I'm still slow. I'd like to blame the track pants again, but I really do think it's just me. That and my iPod keeps dying on me. Time for either a new battery or a new iPod. . .

I've got to search out my previous training schedule. I know it's around here somewhere. Starting Monday December 1st, I'll be running 4-5 times per week. I'd really like to get my mileage back up to 5 or 6 and get my weight back down to 145-150. My gift to myself for the holidays, I suppose.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What happened!?

A) I've gotten to bed late (any time after 10:00) too many nights in a row. Hub is under threat of pain of death to get to bed by ten so he can stop "messing up my running"!

B) I've had a mental block about running 2 days in a row. Kinda dumb since I used to run 5 days a week, since I used to run 2 and 3 days in a row when I was "in training".

C) I'm plotting a big pre-Thanksgiving run tomorrow. By "big" I really mean more than my most recent 2-miler.

D) I'm gearing up for a rather serious self-lecture, in which I put myself back on at least a 4-day per week running program starting December 1.

E) All of the above.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Give it all you got

I was up and at 'em yesterday - the only exerciser out on the streets, even though it wasn't that early.

The weather was FANtastic!

My head is still stuffy and I forgot to blow my nose. So, when I wasn't sniffing and snuffing, I was hocking and spitting. I spit a lot. The breathing was not so easy.

It was S-L-O-. . . W going! I blamed the switch from running shorts to track/sweat pants. Really, it was the month-long break.

Again, it wasn't really that early, but my slow plodding woke up slumbering dogs, who slurred their barks in my direction. I thought "C'mon dumb dogs! Give me all you've got!" Then I realized I wasn't really taking my own advice. But in my estimation, lingering head cold + recovering from recent health issues + 2 miles without stopping - my iPod (which died 10 minutes in) = pretty freakin' good.

2 miles took me 23:45. Nearly 1 minute slower per mile than normal. I'm wanting to get back out there more regularly. It's going to take some time getting back up to speed, as manifested by my sore obliques and quads, which consistently attest that the break did not do me good!

I'm hoping for a morning run tomorrow so I get 2 in this week.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, how I've missed it!

I haven't run in a month. . .

Every time I see a runner, I lament my loss! In fact, just yesterday, we were traveling on the freeway and I saw a runner running over the overpass. I said to my hub "Look! She's running! Awwww!"

I've been traveling and am now having some health issues, but should be ready to get back out there by Tuesday or Wednesday (I hope!).

It will be colder, but I have a beautiful new track suit that's just calling my name! Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tricky Eyes

"No excuses" huh? "No excuses"!? Sha right!

Monday was a bust. The ominous headaches have returned. Whatever. Even though I woke up at around 4 a.m. today and couldn't go back to sleep (you all know how much I love that, right?), I went out for a run. I was SO excited to go.

I ran just over a 5k in 35 minutes. Without a knee strap, without chapstick, without water, and without stopping. Oh, and without an iPod. Sort of. It died in the middle of my run. Running without it makes it seem agonizingly slow.

But, hey, I'm just impressed I can still run that distance in pretty good time and health after the lengthy breaks I've been taking. I changed up my route on the 3rd mile and was glad I did.

I don't know if it was the lack of mental abstraction from the no-music-thing, but my eyes were playing tricks on me today. Dead palm husks looked like rattlesnake skin. Pumpkin scarecrows looked like real people.

Oh, and then there was Peter Cottontail. Or his cousin. That bunny just hopped across the street and we had a right old staring match. He eyed me warily and I watched him intently, each of us anxious for the other's next move. He won. I looked away first on account of my running in the opposite direction and all.

The weather was freakin' awesome! I could have probably run another mile or two - if I had the time. But alas, the chicken in my fridge was calling me to marinate it so it could be my dinner. . .

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I didn't run but once this last week. I did, however, get to go walking on Thursday night with my friend L. She and I went to the local high school track and walked and talked and yammered and walked and walked and jabbered for nearly 3 hours straight. It was great!

So, I figure if I can get myself back to some sort of normal running regime (M, W, F - 3, 4, 3), and walk with L on Tues and Thurs, I'll be pretty set. . . I start tomorrow. I'm off, and the weather is FABulous, so barring death or serious disease, I have no real excuse!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I finally (finally) finished my week of training last week. I wanted to run 3 times last week, but it didn't happen on account of my having to be at work "early" (a.k.a. sometime between 8 and 8:30).

I got the chance to go this morning and I took it! Yeah!

I ran only 2 miles today because I had time constraints.

Easy peasy! No stopping (except to hug Michelle) and it was fun! Got a little pain in the ol' sciatic nerve (it's been almost non-existent for the last two weeks).

I'm hoping to go at least 3 if not 4 times this week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Demise

Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a ride and a half.

So. On Friday, I ran 5k in 33:30. Without water. Without a knee strap. And without stopping. It was great!

I really had to focus and redirect myself every once in a while to "run the mile you're in". I never realized how much I obsess over little things like how far I've run or how far I have to go.

It's pretty awesome that 5k, which seemed so long and far away when I first started, is now easy.

While I was running, I was making a mental list of points to remember about my 10-miler the next day. It included "No Fear" which may seem like antiquated sports doctrine, but is still personally and socially relevant. It also included "Let the mind lead, not the body". And a reminder to pump my arms when I'm feeling sluggish. This may be a Playskool technique, but it works for me.

I also had my first rush of drugs to the system in weeks. . . I was really visualizing my post-10 post and even my post-race post, proclaiming that "I survived Airport Hill" - complete with pics and everything.

Well, that was Friday.

Saturday I woke up later than I intended. It was already a little warm out when I started. I had gone the night before and got some new Spencos, some running socks, and some GU energy gel.

I had also mapped out a 10 mile route and was ready to go.

I did 3 miles, and that 3rd mile was tough because it was uphill. I figured I'd do some GU after that 3rd mile, so I could continue going strong. I drank the sugary, syrupy substance down, walking and rinsing out my mouth - and promptly got back to it.

As my body weakened to the point of being flaccid, I remembered an "experiment" my mom did with me when I was about 15 or 16. She told me to put out my arm and push up against her hand, resisting as she pushed down on my arm. I did. I was able to hold up against her. Then, she gave me a spoonful of sugar (not the Mary Poppins kind!), had me wait a few seconds and we did the same thing again. This time I was weak and could not resist. She pushed my arm down.

Yeah. That happened to me after the GU. My entire body felt limp and weak. I tried to keep running. I tried and tried. I spent much of the 4th mile walking off and on. It was very hard to get going again. And the fear took over. Big time. And my body took over. My mind suddenly had no place there. It was awful. I began to doubt. I began to give up. I knew that passing by the street that led to home would be the point of no return - either for quitting or for keeping going.

As I went into my 5th mile, I knew M had gone ahead of me on his bike and headed home to get me some chapstick. I got to the end of our street, and I suddenly cried out "I don't wanna do this!" And then, I burst into tears. Sobbing.

I walked down our street, found a shady corner, sat down on the street corner and cried. Which made my sunscreen run and sting my eyes. I rinsed it out and cried some more. Part of me was disappointed that I hadn't adequately outlined for myself my motivation for wanting to do this race. Part of me was upset that my body gave up and arm wrestled my mind into quitting.

But, part of me was relieved. Running had stopped being fun several weeks back. While I credit training for this race with getting me up and beyond running 5k in ways I never could have expected, it also became drudgery and felt more like a chore than something I really wanted to do.

I tried to complete my 5th mile. I tried to keep going. I finally just gave it up for good. M supported me and said he wasn't disappointed in me - I gave it a good shot and "5 miles is a lot!" So that was something.

I haven't run since then.

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll go out for a leisurely 5k.

It'll be great.

But, I'm still sad. (And kind of feel like I'm letting you down, Jen.)

'Cuz I kind of don't know where to go from here.

Back to One Hour Runner? Running 3 times a week and doing a 3-4-3 rotation for a total of 10 miles a week?

Who knows.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did I catch a fiver in there?

It's official! I run an 11-minute mile. Which I thought was pretty good until I saw real racers times online today. . .

Oh well.

5 miles in 55:40 (plus 3 mins of walking) at 77 degrees and 21% humidity.

For the record, it was Not easy. My body wanted to quit. Badly. Then this thought came to me: "OF COURSE your body's going to want to quit! It's YOUR job to make it keep going!"

Hmmmm. Still pondering that one. But it must be true, because later in the day I found this quote:

"Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired."

- George S. Patton, U.S. Army General, 1912 Olympian

I also made a list of "Notes to Self: How to Prepare for the Big Race Day" which goes like this:
~memorize the body/mind quote or some smaller version thereof
~take some Zyrtec so you're not so snotty and spitty on race day
~new socks? probably
~new shoes? hmmmmm. maybe
~look up tips about what to eat, how to warm up, how not to throw up/poop or pee my pants/trip and fall/die

I looked up some tips today and liked these ones:

Get plenty of sleep, water, and pasta the week leading up to the race.

Don't worry about time, especially if it's your first race.

Eat/swallow an energy replacement gel at the starting line.
And eat/swallow one every 20-30 minutes, especially during the first hour of your race. (I'll try GU and CarbBOOM this weekend.)

Let the terrain dictate your pace.

Let your mind lead the way, not your body.

Run the mile you're in. Don’t think about how far you have to go or how far you’ve come.

Pray for the race, the runners, the volunteers and the medical teams. (and I'll also be PRAYING I won’t see anyone throwing up! That’ll totally ruin race day for me!

Get a massage after your race.

If it seems like I'm excited, I am. But more than that, I'm really going on blind faith here. I'm scared out of my mind. . .

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Week

I ran 3 miles today.

I'll spare you the gory details.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Excuses Excuses

Top 10 excuses for being a total slacker:

10. I’m one tired chica.
9. Sarah Palin – you either love her or hate her. I’m on the fence.
8. I can’t be “everything” to “everyone”. In other words, I can’t run, then go to work, spend my lunch hours helping with homework, then work again, cook dinner, help again with homework, get groceries/do laundry/perform household “chores”/go visiting teaching all inside of one day and still keep my sanity.
7. One of my toenails cut the toe next to it last time I ran. That and, oh, I felt totally lonely! ME! Who never likes to run with anyone.
6. I have pain in my left butt cheek. I’ve self-diagnosed it as either piriformis syndrome or sciatica.
5. I’m liking my sleep in the mornings. Going to bed “late” does not do me justice!
4. I’m a little discouraged. I looked up course information for the half marathon I’m training for. (See there under “Half Marathon Course Description”? See what it says? I’m a little freaked out right now. Hold on. Gotta put my head between my knees. . . )
Whew! I’m better now. Moving on . . .
3. I don’t want to be “told” what to do. Even by myself. I want to do it because I want to do it. That doesn’t always work when I’m telling myself that the next hill to climb is the 8 mile hill. Or the 9 mile hill. And so on and so forth.
2. My shins started acting up. . . AGAIN!
1. Sheer laziness.

Reasons I will keep running – but on “my” terms (whatever the crap that means):
1. I miss it when I’m not out there.
2. I really like the weight loss factor.
3. M continues to be impressed (as do a few of my friends) that I can actually run 5-6 miles in one session.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Days Daze

I seem to have confused my days.

Actually, I just made some bad decisions this weekend. Leaving my days dazed and confused.

MISTAKE #1 - staying up too late on Friday night. M didn't get home from moving someone until 11:30. Then he got a message from a member of our stake presidency wanting to see us at 10 the next morning. I just knew in that instant that my long run wasn't happening on Saturday morning.

MISTAKE #2 - eating nothing Saturday morning and a big lunch later. Then following it with no dinner and a "meal replacement" smoothie and pita chips. No way I could turn around and run with all that in my stomach on Saturday night.

MISTAKE #3 - listening to M when he promised we would go later on Saturday. I did, however, get out and work in my back yard. In the heat. Killing my noxious cactus and tossing the cactus corpse and guts into my garbage can. Work out points, there, no?

MISTAKE #4 - not heeding the hint of warning in the first counselor's story when he told me he was planning on doing a race on Sunday when he was the bishop in my ward, and two weeks before the race he got an injury which prevented him from running for 18 months.

After all these mistakes, and all the silly delays, I ran last night. GASP! Yes, folks, I ran on Sunday. I was mapping out 8 miles continuously in my head. After the 3rd mile, I walked a minute after every mile. Being very much my husband's wife, I had a headlamp on my head and my red, blinking bike light attached to the waistband on the back of my running shorts.

At one point, I saw a bike light coming toward me. I suddenly thought it was my knight on shiny bike, that M had gotten out of his meeting early and was coming to meet me. No such luck.

I was more than halfway through - about halfway through my 5th mile, in fact - when I felt very tired. More than that, my left shoulder and neck was in full spasm mode and was tight and achy. Then, a tidal wave of worse feelings cropped up.

I suddenly felt incredibly overwhelmed by life, depressed, and very alone. All at once. I felt discouraged. I felt defeated. I walked over 1/2 mile home. Walked. And like a defeated soldier after battle, I began stripping off the accoutrements of war. First it was my iPod, which I had turned off to be able listen to the crickets and be alone with the tsunami of thought that was suddenly flooding me. Then my knee strap. Then my watch. Then headlight. I hung my head and hoofed it home.

I realized that must be what it's like to have the spirit leave you. I'll never run on Sunday again!

I took today as my rest day.

I'll be back tomorrow.

And I'll try to fight the discouragement. The nagging voice that says "what on earth are you doing!? Why are you doing this to yourself. You'll never be able to run that race!"

Here's to winning.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Week's Worth

TUESDAY - "Running the Line"

This run was H-A-R-D starting with the first mile. I reminded myself of my own saying "4 is the new easy". I didn't really believe myself. So I ran the white line of the bike lane so that I didn't even have to concentrate on where I put my feet.

I hit mile #3. I hit a wall. Didn't see it coming and couldn't jump it, or crawl over or under it, so I pushed it. I told myself to push the wall. "Push it!"

I wanted to stop SOOO bad! But, I didn't want to come here and report it. I told myself "Surely you can do 1/2 a mile!? And finish this thing up? C'mon!" So I did it. I finished 4.

It was only 83 degrees, but 40% humidity. It took me 45:45, not including 3 or so minutes walking.

On the way home I saw two ice water bottles sitting next to two backpacks of kids waiting for the bus.

So I dragged myself home and made a big 'ol glass of ice water. Which is rare around these parts!

WEDNESDAY - "Rest Day Come Early"

Sore muscles + tired body = need a rest day. Swapped out with Thursday, and it's all good.

THURSDAY - "So Much for Overconfidence!"

I woke up today trying to be Neo on the Matrix. You know - where he says "there is no spoon". But instead of cutlery, I said "there is no wall!"

It was 79 or 80 when I went out. I thought "no problem!" Because of time constraints, I decided to run 5k instead of 4 miles. I immediately ran into OR, sans lab and speed walking.

The Neo approach worked for a while. There were small walls, and I managed to jump over them without tripping and falling on my face.

The air was so bloated and round with water that I was sure it couldn't even move. Then I remembered it was "only" 29% humidity. And as I expressed to OR "it's the humidity that makes it worse than it really is!" Then a school bus came along and moved the air and I got a face full, mixed with diesel - but oh how blessed was that manufactured wind!

I was TIRED. That was a wall. Then I wanted to QUIT. Big wall! I had a major slowdown. So much that my pace finishing that 3rd mile was really pathetic. I ramped it up and finished 5k in 30:53 (plus 1 minute walking).

Bonus: I got to see M before he took off for work. YEA!

FRIDAY - "Doubt Enters In"

More Jedi mind tricks today. And I was so preoccupied with running, I couldn't even tell who started it - Body or Mind! Either way, I overheard one of them say "you can't do it! Face it, you like being a 5k runner." And the other one said "No! you liked doing 5.5 miles that one time! You can do it." And the other one was like "Nah uh! I'm telling Mom!" And sure enough, like a mom walking in on a sibling fight in progress, I shouted (internally, of course) "I don't care who started it! Cut it out!"

I got to mile 3 and decided it was bad juju for me to walk in wall country, so I kept going. I told myself "push the wall!" And then I imagined myself like a Mario Bros. cartoon, and pictured my cartoon self running along with a digital cartoon wall hovering just in front of me, but moving with every step forward I took. I pushed that darn wall!

I saw OR, who looked like Jasmine from Aladdin in her little bra top and billowy, teal yoga capris.

I walked a minute between 3 and 4, and finished in 45:30. I also imagined all my spectators looking at me with some strange mixture of pity and respect. The humidity was less today (18%) but still not very nice, even with only 80 degrees!

Tomorrow, I'll attempt 8 miles. Yeah, I skipped 6 and 7 the last few Saturdays, but I'm hoping I can swing it. Plus, I promised to run at the high school track so M can practice his sprints. He has a Big Sprint Race in a couple of weeks with his trash-talking co-worker.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Serious Spelling

I did T-H-R-E-E today, despite sore muscles from the weekend activities.

It was H-O-T on account of it being 10 a.m., 87 degrees and 34% humidity.

I was T-I-R-E-D and S-L-O-W. I did OK the first 2 or so miles. Tired, but good. I had to keep walking to belch, otherwise I would S-P-E-W. And we all know how much I love that. (I L-O-A-T-H-E it!)

Then I walked after the second mile. The wind was glorious to me today! So much so that I didn't notice that W-A-L-L and hit it straight on. And had to walk for several more minutes. I ramped back up and got going again.

I finished in 34:30 (including all walking) - not as bad as I thought, but definitely not great.

Tomorrow, I do F-O-U-R. My muscles are sore, but I'm hoping the walls are less frequent. I want to work up to 8 by Saturday, but having missed miles 6 and 7 these past 2 weeks, I'll have to work it hard this week. So, Wednesday, my goal is the 5.5 route (might make it a round 6), then 3 or 4 on Friday, then 8 on Saturday. *crossing fingers* *and toes*

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Soooooo NOT off the wagon!

It's just that URI + UTI = not a good couple of weeks.

That's right, folks. Setback, then setback. I had a "viral" upper respiratory infection (doc said so) for over a week and a half, which brought with it the loverly side effect of near debilitating fatigue. And the very day that finally cleared, I started having symptoms of a urinary tract infection. My system's all screwy.

We drove down my running route last night. I was very very sad. I haven't run since 8/18. And it's nearly killing me!!!

I hope to get over this UTI and get back on Monday morning. Here's hoping for a glorious comeback.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sick Day

I'm still recovering from traveling last weekend. See, we usually catch up on sleep over the weekends. But last weekend, I was sleep-deprived to start and even worse when we got home.

So Monday I ran 2 miles in the evening. Bonus that the full moon was out for me. And that M went with me. Except when he crept up behind me and I could hear him really well because I didn't have earphones in - just my cell phone (which plays mp3s I download into it) haphazardly strapped on my arm (doesn't really fit).

When it became apparent that he was content to stay behind me for the rest of my run, I told him "GO!"

He did. At one point he slowed down again and I was gaining on him, but my frustration melted away when I realized he was protecting me by blocking me from the oncoming car that was barreling down the street. Awww!

2 miles Monday and not an inch since. I made yesterday my rest day this week, thinking I'd recover and finish out my week. No such luck. I'm home sick today and hoping - though by the feel of my throat, it may be in vain - that I'm better by tomorrow so I can resume.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Am Magic!

I can turn bottled water into saltwater! I can convince the sun to follow my whims! I can make time disappear!

Yesterday was technically rest day, but since I’ll be traveling on Saturday, I moved my long run to Friday, which meant Friday’s run got moved up to Rest Day.

Except, I was dang tired yesterday morning! I had in my mind all day that I would go in the evening. Then it started raining. Since I can turn bottled water into saltwater, and half the time I run I’m soaking wet anyway (particularly with this high humidity we’ve been having), I thought I’d chance it. I really really really had the desire to run yesterday.

Instead of running in the rain, opportunist that I am, I waited between raining spells and then went. I didn’t want to overdo it because I wanted my 5 miler this morning to be successful. Plus, it was a little dark. And more than a little damp. And it was getting towards late. So, I shortened my run and ran what I’m guesstimating was about 1.5 miles. It was perfect. I was relaxed enough to look at my surroundings, see things I’m usually too tired to see on longer runs, and noticed how the bright lights from the big city to our West were reflecting off the clouds and leaving a pinkish hue on things and illuminating the sky a little.

This morning, I got up and headed out for my 5-er. Remember a while back when I used to think that the way back was always easier? Well, I thought it was because I was warmed up and primed for finishing my run. Nope. It was because it is in fact easier because it is downhill!

So, the first two miles were great. I forbade the sun from coming out of its hiding place behind the clouds. I didn’t have a visor or sunglasses on, plus 78 degrees was just fine for temp given the 44% humidity! The sun obliged and I thanked it.

I stretched a little and walked for about 30 seconds between 2 and 3. Since my third mile is on an uphill stretch (incidentally so is my first, but it doesn’t bug as much), it felt like I literally hit a wall. That third mile is always hard. But the wall opened up when I turned right onto the route for my fourth mile. Yessirree – that wall opened up, and I got a rush of drugs and increased speed as a reward. So, I instantly reset my “I can walk when I get to . . .” places in my head and then passed by them all anyway without walking.

I did, however, walk for about a minute before mile 5. Mile 5 was pretty much uphill both ways. No, I’m not kidding! Both ways seem to have a slight grade, with some parts being a blatant incline. Challenging but fun for the end of a run! Oh, and bonus: mile 5 is actual 1.5 miles.

So, I did 5.5 miles in an hour and 3 minutes - not including walking or stretching time. (Told you I can make time disappear!)

My legs and left sciatic nerve are a little tender today, but I'm doing good.

Weekly total: 16 miles

Now I get to rest over the weekend! YEA! I’m going to L.A. for a family function with M’s family. All I have to say is they’d better comment on how great I’m looking or I will stone them!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


HA HA HA! "Other" runner is walking her dog with an umbrella while I'm out running in the rain!

But I'd better start at the beginning.

OK. So, here's the story. On Monday I ran 3 miles. I tried for 4 yesterday, but only made it 2. I was in pain the entire time. I walked a little before starting the 3rd mile, but decided I'd better not. Instead, I limped home and iced. I stretched a little throughout the day and then massaged and stretched last night.

It was raining this morning. (Remember, I HATE to be wet, which is why I HATE the rain.) I thought "eh. what's a little rain?" and went anyway. In the middle of my 2nd mile today, I realized "I'm gonna make it!" and I was happy.

Then halfway into my 3rd mile, I saw the "OR" ("other" runner). With an umbrella. Out walking her dog. "HA HA HA!" was my exact thought. (Um, yes, you would call that "smug".) I smiled at her and said "morning". And she goes "are you training for something?" So, I stop and turn around and her big black lab rushes me and I pet him and say "I'm training with a friend for a 1/2 marathon." And we chat about local runs and she gives me the skinny on one I'm looking at in December. And she says she'll give me her card next time she sees me (which might, in fact, be tomorrow). And she says we should run together, and I quickly correct her that I don't run with anyone because I have to concentrate so much. We swap name introductions. Her name is Grace.

So, I get running again and start cursing "OR" Grace for my body having cooled down and have to get going again.

Regardless, I finished in about 46 minutes (not including the 2-3 minutes I was talking to "OR" Grace).

Other observations I've made on my recent runs:

~Who the crap would paint their house Willy Wonka purple and light gray (which ends up looking like light purple against the Willy Wonka purple anyway)????

~I am really, truly paranoid! About possible thug kidnappers in a white van (probably just carpoolers) and about stinging stinky bug guts I wipe across my eye, wondering if I'll have to rinse it out.

~ Ice, stretching and massage really do work!

~ I never thought I'd see the day when the temperature actually went down during my run, but today it did.

~ 4 miles is the new easy. At least today.

~ How fast do you have to be driving to run over a bunny?

~ I think I'm getting better at recognizing the needs of my body. Well, except in the area of food.

~The Aquabats' "Super Rad" is a GREAT end of run song! Seriously, have you ever listened to the beat of that song? It gets my feet going a steady pace, which I most definitely need at the end. I replayed it 2 times today.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I always KNEW running would save my life. . .

Check out this article:

The United States of Euphoria

Well. . . sort of! There were certainly moments early on in my run this morning when all combined to be perfect: temperature, wind, energy, clouds, music. . .

I started out GREAT! I listened to 411's "Love Song" about 5 times. I love it and for some reason it was really helping me this morning.

Saw another runner - one I have seen only one other time back very very early into my C 2 5k days. He took me seriously this time. Made eye contact. I smiled. It was great! Plus, this time and last time I ran I saw the "other" runner out walking her dog. Last time we acknowledged each other. This time we said "hi". I think I've OFFICIALLY made it as a "runner"!! Go me!

The last mile was a toughy. It was getting hotter. And the humidity was up near 30%. But, I made it. 3 miles in 33 minutes.

A little massage tonight and I should be ready for 4 miles tomorrow. Yeah!

I must, however, remember the mental note I made to myself at the beginning of this morning's run: getting to bed early will be vital to my running schedule this week.

So, off to get my evening "done" so I can hit the sack early!

Friday, August 8, 2008

More Numbers

31 - minutes I ran 3 miles in on Wednesday
51 - percentage of humidity today
78 - degrees it was when I left the house
80 - degrees it was when I came home (which was why 51% humidity was OK)
46 - minutes I ran 4 miles in today

That's right! I did it! Although I guess I should have pulled a Paulie Bleeker and applied deoderant to my thighs. . . because my right one is chafed! It made the last part of mile 3 and the entire mile 4 not very fun.

Whatever. My agenda for today: STRETCH! And tonight I'm tasked with massaging my legs. They're getting tight again. I'm still not sure about my five mile route and exactly how that's going to be accomplished, but I'll figure something out tonight with M's help.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another off week

Feeling under the weather this week. At this point I really don't know whether hub and I are just passing this crap back and forth between us or what.

I didn't run Mon or Tues, but I did go yesterday. It was the perfect mix of sun, clouds, heat, wind and humidity. It felt nice. Don't get me wrong: it was hot! But it wasn't as bad as it has been.

That, and I had an audience. The kids are back in school this week, so I had kids and their parents sitting watching me while I ran past. To them, I'm "that runner" or "that running girl". It feeds my vanity. Whatever.

After my long rest, my legs felt really good. They've been pretty sore and I haven't massaged them as I should have.

I'm seriously considering a sports massage at this point.

I was also seriously considering running 4 miles this morning. A late night last night and too many obligations today kept me from doing so. So, I'm thinking of doing it tomorrow, then 5 on Saturday.

It's a love-hate relationship with running this week. Sometimes I love it. You know, when I'm not running and missing it and feeling I need to get running. And sometimes I hate it. Namely, when I'm running. But when those times hit, I've been trying to pep talk myself into believing that this is a way of life for me now. This is not just "until I lose weight" or "until the run in October".

Plus, I continue to lurve what running is doing for my body. On Sunday and Monday I fit into two brand new blouses that have been hanging in my closet. When I bought them originally a few months back, the arms wouldn't fit. They were hanging in my closet waiting for me to resew buttons so they'd button around my arms. Well, they fit without any such revisions! Small progress, but SO meaningful!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mistakes then The Wall

The first mistake was going to bed at 1:30 a.m. The second was waking up at 7:00. The third was puttering around waiting for M to change his bike tire, and finally going running at 9:00. The fourth was eating a small bowl of cereal. The fifth was drinking water before leaving the house.

Today was my 4-miler.

I started out strong. Felt really good. Really really visualized my end point, which is not always easy for me to do.

But it was HOT. 96 degrees when I started. My feet felt hot. But I got over it. I walked about a minute after the first 2 miles. I think it ruined me.

When I got to about 2.5, I was really trying to scrape together the mental strength to keep going. And when I say "scrape," we're talking bottom of the barrel here, folks.

I hit a wall. I could not summon the will to keep going. I was very very tempted to shortcut it home. BUT, I resisted. I figured being faced with the task of walking all the way home might just be push enough to get going again. I did eventually get going again and I ran another 1/2 mile. M finally caught up to me. I told him to go ahead, that I was walking home. He offered his bike. I said "no. this is what happens when I don't run. I get to walk home."

Well. That only lasted until I hit gravel. I did NOT want to hear the slow crunch of my feet walking over it, so I decided to run. I ran all the way to my street. I figure my total run was about 3.25 mi. Not what I set out to do, but I pushed through and did it nonetheless.

I was hot, tired, worried about sunburn and heatstroke, belching up cereal, and had to pee. Not exactly ideal running conditions.

BUT, I ran over 15 miles this week.

NEXT TIME I do 4 miles, I'm just going to do my normal 2 mile route twice. When I spread it out and have too many turns (like today), it's just too much for my head to wrap around, so I get overwhelmed. At least that's my theory. Well, that, and the cereal, heat and bladder issues.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favorite Day of the Week

Thursday is my new favorite day! It's REST day! I slept in this morning, made M lunch, and am now blogging! Suddenly I lurve Thursdays!

I made some minor adjustments to my running recently. I pulled my spencos out of my skechers and put them into my running shoes. Why I never thought of this before, I'll never know and have given up trying to figure out.

I also began running on asphalt. A little birdy told me that, though it seemed harder to me, asphalt is actually better for you than concrete. I heeded her advice. It seems to work well. At the very least, I don't have to worry about tripping on curbs or driveways.

Another thing I started doing is bringing my knee strap along with me, just in case. I don't wear it. (After the muscle stripping on Sunday, I was so bruised I couldn't put it on on Monday.) I carry it with me in case I need it. I'm trying to stretch and massage well enough that I don't need it though.

I've taken to singing out loud with some of my music while running. Except some early risers out there on my route tend to hear me. Oh well. It keeps me going.

Yesterday was pretty "slow & steady". But it seemed easier than Tuesday.

I'll be massaging and stretching again today, getting ready for tomorrow's run. And I'm already mapping out in my mind my 4 miler for Saturday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Numbers Game

How about these numbers?

1 - minutes I could run back in May
3 - miles I'm currently running
163 - pounds I weigh
30 - dollars I spent on fresh fruits and veggies yesterday
20 - total number of pounds I've lost since January 2007
3 - how many runs I have left this week
1 - number of people I can count on to meet my goals

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running Ahead

Yesterday I redeemed Saturday's tough run. I ran for 27:45 without stopping! (well, technically, I had to stop and go back for the cap to my water bottle that I dropped. . . but that doesn't really count.)

It was relatively easy. My legs didn't act up too much, following extensive and very painful massage on Sunday night to try and loosen up the tissue in my calves/shins.

Today, I ran for 31:35 without stopping. I hit the 3 mile mark!

"What on earth is she doing?" you might be asking. "Has she totally gone off plan?"

Yes and no. I've accelerated the plan. Which, by the way, is not something the Couch to 5k plan recommends. I'm working with a friend who's training for a run and I'm trying to use her training plan. This means I'm running 5 days a week, with long runs on Saturdays.

Tomorrow will be my 3rd run this week. I'm making history here, folks! 3 runs in by Wednesday?? Impossible! But true!

OK. Off to go and massage my legs. . .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

25 minutes = 15 + 1:15 + 1 + zigzag + 4 + 1:15 + 5 (plus too much cursing)

Today was an "off plan" run. I'm trying to get back "on plan" and do week 7 fresh next week.

Today was seriously the hardest run I've ever ever done. It was also the most tired I've ever ever been after a run.

Wicked bad war games between Body and Mind today, folks. Lots of arguments ensued. Like:

"Can we please please stop now?"
"What and walk all the way home from here?! No way!"
"But I'm going to die!"
"C'mon [expletive]! Keep going!"

I was really just hoping for the whole "get past the first 10 minutes and you'll feel better" thing, but it never materialized. My right shin ached a little, my left knee was already hurting despite the band, and my left shin hurt. (????)

I first looked at my watch at 12:49. Body wanted to quit. Mind made it keep going. Mind said "get to 15 and you can maybe have a break" and then looked at my watch. It was 15:01 so, instead of pushing myself further, I stopped. Mind told Body "you've got one minute, so make it good." It ended up being 1:15.

I was trying to then run the rest of my 25 minute run, plus make up the one minute, which would have been 11 minutes total.

I crossed the street. Then Body did not want to be on that side of the street. It wanted the greater amount of shade on the other side. (The sun was a beast today!) I really had to push to get even 5 minutes out. Hence the second 1:15 walk.

Then that last 5 minutes was a killer! I looked at my watch a lot. I have never wanted to quit so bad in my entire life! At one point Body just stopped, right there in mid-stride, but Mind said "C'mon! You can do anything for a minute and a half! GO!"

So I did. And I limped the rest of the way home. While I was limping, between pouring water over myself to cool down, I was thinking about why it was that it was SO hard to finish this run.

Was it because I've been sick most of the week?

Was it because I've been underslept most of the week?

Was it because I haven't run for a week and Body forgot how?

Was it because I had to pee from drinking too much water before?

Was it because it's 28% humidity outside?

Was it because I was hungry because I only had an apple and then dillydallied before leaving the house?

Seriously. I was BEAT when I got home. All I wanted to do was hop in the shower and then immediately go back to bed.

I was too tired to stretch. Too tired to go to the bathroom. Too tired to even blog. Oh wait! Here I am. Trust me, though. It's been a chore.

Off to the shower! (I'm shticky!!!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

For Kicks

Went over to FitWatch again and entered all my stats:

Total Body Weight: 164.8 lbs
Waist: 33 inches
Hip: 40 inches
Forearm: 10 inches
Wrist: 6.5 inches
And the handydandy computer came up with:
Your Body Fat Weight is: 43.99 lbs
Your Muscle Mass is: 120.81 lbs
Your Body Fat Percentage is: 26.69%

Not much progress from where I started, but progress nonetheless. Wouldn't it be great to lose 44 lbs of body fat? A little unrealistic, since we all need some body fat. I'll settle for another 15-20 lbs or so. Yeah. That'd be great.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome to Class

What did we learn today, students? Say it with me: "Do NOT Procrastinate!"

Good job! Now, let's role play using real-world examples and see how you do.

What do we do if we're concerned about our husband's lack of sleep and consider putting off our run in order to get to bed earlier, all the while promising ourselves we'll get up and go tomorrow morning?

Say it with me: "Do NOT Procrastinate!"

That's right! Because said husband could break the deal you made with him to go to bed earlier, leaving you going to bed later AND struggling with getting and staying asleep as you have for the past two weeks, resulting in about 5.5 hours of sleep when you really need about 8.5 to be rested.

And even though you'll wake up early the next morning (due to the whole can't-stay-asleep thing) you'll feel very crappy. You'll feel like if you run, your body will fall apart into a million little pieces on your route. You'll have headaches and a sore throat all day, thus ruining your chances of having a successful run later that night.

So, all you students of fitness, one more time! Say it with me: "Do NOT Procrastinate!"

You are now dismissed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Out of Spite

I've been feeling run down for weeks now. My body stopped shilly-shallying with this sickness and decided to get it. So I haven't run since Saturday. And I'm determined to go tonight.

Looking at the first two blogs under "Inspiring 2 Me" really keep me motivated to get going and keep up the progress. Coincidence they're both Jens? I think not.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


6:3 is D-O-N-E!

I slept in today (go me), so I didn't get out until about 9:20. By that time it was about 90 degrees and 27% humidity. But at least it was cloudy! And a little breezy! So, rock on.

I stretched like crazy. . . but I was still sore when I started running. That first 10 minutes was killer. I was so tired and it took everything to stay strong. But, it was hard. I even poured water over myself as incentive to keep going, even though I told myself I'd wait until after the first mile and do it as a "reward". (dude, seriously - you have no idea how I gotta play those Jedi mind tricks on myself!)

I didn't look at my watch until I finished the first mile. It was at 10 minutes. I circled back (i.e. did NOT cross the street), trying to do that mental trick again. I was met with a breeze hitting me where I needed it most: my face. Yea!

After that first 10 minutes, I kind of hit my stride. When I got to the part of my route where I needed to change up and add some distance, I went from running on sidewalks to running on asphalt. M was riding next to me and I said "babe, you can do ahead" and he said "that's alright!" Then I barked "no seriously! go ahead and come back! I need to concentrate!" Needless to say, he obliged.

I then went from asphalt to gravel. Let me tell you, looking forward to hitting the sidewalk again was a major motivator! I didn't look at my watch again until around 19 minutes. I wore my knee strap, which really helped. My knee didn't hurt until several minutes after running on gravel, and it subsided again once I was back on the sidewalk. I think I'll be using the knee strap from here on out. (Have you looked at my next 3 weeks on the "plan"? No more walking for me!!)

I looked at my watch again at about 23 minutes, then several times during that 24th minute. But I made it to 25 and that's what counts.

I don't think I'll opt for this side route again next week. It wasn't too bad, but I wouldn't want to run it alone. And since I'll need to be going in the mornings (evenings are just too hot!) . . .well, we'll see. I have already mapped out another route on the other side of my route which adds 4/10 of a mile and includes sidewalks. That might help with the extra 5 minutes I'm now running (my 2 mile route only takes about 20 minutes to run).

See you next week! I'm off to start a great weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2008


6:2 was officially completed last night. It was 97.5 degrees when I left at 9:15. Hot, sure, but only 6% humidity.

I stretched pretty well before. My shins were a little sore. I managed the first 10 without incident. Truthfully, I was a little impatient on the 3 minute walk. I hate having to extend my route and being unsure about how far. My worst nightmare is extending my route too much and being "stranded" walking "all the way" home. Silly, since my route is very near home. But there it is. Plus, if I had been limping home last night like I was last time, it would not have been good.

The second 10 was tiring. I kept feeling sick. Every time I felt like I was going to be sick, I poured water over my head. Turns out I just had to belch - bad idea to eat a slice of whole wheat with PB & honey on it before a run - which cannot be accomplished while actually running.

I stretched down, but my "daily" stretching is not going so hot. Turns out it's hard to make a new habit stick. Which is also why I'm so glad I've stuck with running. It's truly addictive. Whenever I miss, M hears "I need to go running" every day until I go again.

6:3 will happen Saturday morning, when I'm hoping (despite the sun) it will be cooler. The challenge there is 25 minutes running and zero walking. In fact, that's all of week 7 as well. I'll definitely have to modify my route. Remember back when I mapped out a new 3.1 mile route? I'll be using part of that and hoping it works. We shall see. . .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

6:1 Do Over

I started over with week 6. I was tired, and my body still feels on the brink of getting sick. But the words of a doctor I once went to were running through my head like a mantra: "sometimes you just have to exercise through the fatigue". Besides, I'm kind of tired of my body trifling with the decision of whether or not it does, in fact, want to be sick. Make up your mind already!!

It was 93.9 degrees and 14% humidity when I left. Not too bad, but I felt that humidity. I got the benefit of a full moon, though! Love when I can run by the light of the moon. It rocks!

I did a modified 6:1. On the second running interval I was going to "run for as long as I could" - which ended up being only about 10:15. So I did 5 running, 3 walking, 10+ running, 2.5 walking, and another 5 running.

I was pretty sore by the time I was done! I was limping home and threatening M that if we would've had to walk any further he would have had to carry me home.

I stretched like mad - for 15 minutes. I do this weird stretch I made up for my inner thighs/hamstrings. And I did it tonight until it stopped hurting. So it took a while. No ice, though. I really need to be stretching those legs every morning - not just before and after runs.

I'm thinking of wearing my knee band on my left knee next time - but I might have already expressed that I'm worried about being lop-sided since EVERY possible thing I have when I run is on my left: my watch, my water bottle, my iPod.

I'm in full bloat mode. I increased my water intake today. Plus it's nearly that time. Plus I haven't run since last Thursday. So, I'm not feeling so great about my progress. . . but this is a new week. And the bloat will subside. And I'll keep going.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay. . . So . . .

Sucky week last week. It got away from me. And then I felt crappy. And it certainly doesn't help that the humidity has only today dropped below 30%. Not my idea of fun!

I can do heat. I can't do humidity along with it. Seriously! Running last week at 88 degrees and high humidity was much worse than running in a dry 95 degrees.

Saturday morning I slept way way long and was lazy for the rest of the day. No run. I made the excuse that it was too humid and hot. Not that I was wrong, mind you. But it was an excuse.

Sunday morning I felt way crappy and it persisted throughout the day, culminating in a sore throat and major headache. Not much unlike today, actually.

I made it through work, but going for a run tonight would just be pushing my body and I'm not keen on getting worse. I'm going to try for tomorrow. . .

I should point out here that I really really miss running when I'm not doing it. And I'm really really excited to keep going with the program and "graduate" the C25k. Hopefully, this week I can get back on track. (yeah. I'm beginning to hate that phrase, too!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Next BIG Thing

I've been wondering what to do once I hit the 5k mark, since I'll likely hit it long before it cools down enough for any 5k runs. (The ones I have pegged are in October and December).

I finally found it! It's called "Becoming a One Hour Runner" (or OHR) and I know some of the C25k grads go on to do OHR. It goes like this:

Becoming a One Hour Runner
The key component of this program is the one long run per week. It builds up endurance and lays the foundation for further progress.

Weeks 1 - 3: Right now you are running 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Your weekly commitment of time is 90 minutes. Continue doing this for three weeks.
Week 4: Run 30 minutes, 29 minutes, 35 minutes. Weekly total: 94 minutes
Week 5: Run 30 minutes, 32 minutes, 38 minutes Weekly total: 100 minutes
Week 6: Run 30 minutes, 33 minutes, 41 minutes Weekly total: 104 minutes
Week 7: Run 30 minutes, 34 minutes, 45 minutes Weekly total: 109 minutes
Week 8: Run 30 minutes, 36 minutes , 49 minute Weekly total: 115 minutes
Week 9: Run 30 minutes, 38 minutes, 54 minutes Weekly total: 122 minutes
Week 10: Run 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes Weekly total: 130 minutes

And the author of this program, Katherine Switzer, added a personal note that made me feel OH SO MUCH BETTER. I've been getting down on myself for not doing the 9 week C25k program in 9 weeks. Katherine says: When you are trying to increase your distance, some days feel good and others feel awful. Listen to your body. Be willing to back off. There is no hurry. These schedules are designed for the best possible circumstances, and sometimes you just need more time to adapt. Never move on to the next higher distance until you feel totally comfortable with the one you did today. I can remember once doing the same mileage for three weeks before I felt I had the strength to add a bit more.

That makes me feel better!!! I'm not doing more distance necessarily, but I'm starting to ramp up the length of my running intervals. And I'm trying to be honest with myself about what my body can do. The whole point is to keep going, and keep trying. "There is no hurry!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008


All my good intentions died hard this week. I meant to do 6:1 Monday night, but other things came up; then rescheduled it for Tuesday morning but was VERY tired; rescheduled again for Tuesday night but was still in the grocery store at 9:00 (my normal evening running time); rescheduled for Wednesday morning but had a headache and was not "going there" with a run; rescheduled for Wednesday night but didn't start a project that needed work until 8:30. . .

So. Even on only 4 hours of sleep, I got up (mostly because I couldn't sleep any longer) and went this morning.

It was 87 when I left, 88.7 when I returned. I am one sticky chicky. Even after laying on my living room floor, spread out like a starfish under the breeze of the fan. I'm worried I may have overheated.

I didn't even stretch down yet.

I was dog tired on the last 5 minutes, AND my iPod quit on me. Ever wonder why I'm so codependent on my iPod? It's because when it's just me, I talk to myself out loud. And answer myself OUT LOUD:
"My land, it's HOT!"
"And quiet!"
"I hate that!"
"I know. I wanna puke."
"No. really. I feel sick"

Whatever. Mischief managed. And I can still fit in a run on Saturday.

I'm off to shower. Especially since my arms are sweating all over the desk as I type this.

Saturday, July 5, 2008



I ran 20 minutes without stopping! In 95 degree weather! (no joke.)

My back was hurting a little yesterday morning, so M decided to use the electric massager to massage my back. Then he decided to do my legs. Remember those strings in my pelvis connecting my legs to my body??? Well, we discovered VERY tight tendons running in the "posterior" inside of my legs. Um, hello cause-of-my-shin-splints-and-knee-pain!

I went and bought some running shorts. Shorter than I would have liked (there was a day when shorts couldn't get too short for me, so it was odd to me to be looking for "longer" running shorts. . . ) but maybe my legs will get tan while they're also keeping cool without all that cotton fabric clinging to them.

Even though that little massaging "procedure" made my right calf/shin ache, I decided to go today. Even though it was 89 degrees when I woke up, 92 when I left, and 95 when I returned.

I had a little pep talk with my body before I got going. It went something like "OK. C'mon body. Don't let me down. We can do this!" And my body said "yes we can!" by giving a tiny rush of drugs to my system. Before I even started running. My body is awesome!

And so, I ran. I first looked at the watch at 7:48. Then at 9:30. I was trying to decide whether or not to cross the street as I've always done or come back the same side I usually run up on. I opted to turn a little circle at the end of my route and double back on the shady side of the street. This ended up being a good choice for a couple of reasons.

First, I got to run in the spotty shade of the trees. Second, you know how a trail doesn't look the same coming as it does going? Turns out that's a good little preemptive mental trick to pull when you fear your mind might try to one-up you with its own tricks. (For instance, the side streets on my route are alphabetized. And sometimes, I start thinking "oh crap! I'm only at G. I have to get all the way to P before I can stop. Yeah. It bites.)

By interrupting this little pity party of the mind, I preempted all such nonsense and my mind was a little discombobbled and too freakin' tired to try to figure it out. In short, I forced my mind to play along with my body. That mind can be a right old bully. . .

Third, when I was nearing 19:00, I was also nearing the last side street on the east side of the street - the same side street that's kind of a short cut home. I figured I would run the rest of my time on that side street and short cut it home. Small thing, but that was a bonus for being on that side of the street.

Sure, I was tired. Sure, I wanted to quit. When I started compulsively checking my watch at around 14:40 and then again at 15:46, I sternly told myself "stop that!" And I kept going. I thought "what a waste it would be to come this far and stop now when I'm SO close to making the 20 minute mark.

I freakin' did it!!

And I stretched my legs like a mother when I got home. Sadly, they are still achey and tight.

Next week:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
  • Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
  • Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)
  • Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
  • Jog 1 mile (or 10 minutes)
  • Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
  • Jog 1 mile (or 10 minutes)
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2-1/4 miles (or 25 minutes) with no walking.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Do-over of 5:2

I did not go running last night. I decided I was too tired. I was also too tired this morning, but I fear losing progress more than being lethargic, so I dragged my butt up and got myself going, the words of a doctor I saw within the last year echoing in my head: "sometimes you have to keep exercising through the fatigue". My back was better yesterday - today, not so much. Surprisingly, the running helped loosen it up. Weird.

It was 88.9 when I left the house and 90.5 when I got back. Not too bad. I guess.

My legs were RESTED! Almost NO shin splints this time. A little trouble with the left knee, but I'm working on that. I was trying to adjust the way my feet were pronating (look it up. I'm too tired to explain or link). And I also looked up some more stretches and some other things to try to do about knee and shin problems. And I busted out my knee strap after my run and am currently wearing it. But, no ice packs today. Hooray!

I was worried my body would forget how to run 8 minutes all at once. It didn't. Though the Jedi mindtricks of my brain took their toll on me during that second 8 minutes. I wanted to stop very badly. I wanted to look at my watch and see how long I'd been running - but that would also mean seeing how long I still had left. That kind of torture I just cannot abide. . .

Which makes me think about the real reason I took such a long break between runs. Well, you know, besides the real reason of back pain and spasms that took my breath away. Here's my theory: I saw that 5:3 entailed running for 20 minutes straight, and I freaked out. Just a little.

I know exactly how much running that equates to on my route. I know the mental, not to mention physical, endurance that's going to require. And I'm a little worried. And a little freaked out.

But, today, while running and thinking it over, I made a command decision. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it even if I can't do it. Even if my body wants to quit 10 or 15 minutes in. I'm going to do it or I'm going to give it one hell of a shot.

So. Saturday morning, I rendezvous with 5:3. I think tonight I'll go get me some runnin' shorts in preparation. I'm a little over the 3/4 length pants I've been wearing. . . especially when it's 90 degrees by 7:30 a.m.!

Oh, and also, I drove my route and tracked the mileage, then added enough of a detour so that I have a "new" route for when I get to the 5k part of this here venture. 3.1 miles, kids! 3.1 miles!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting BACK

I went to the chiro today. My right-sided back pain lasted from Friday right up until I went to her.

I'm better now. So. I'm hoping to be able to survive the heat (praying for a breeze) and go running tonight. Since it's been so long since my last run, I plan to do a "do over" this week. I'll start with 5:2, and do 5:3 on Friday or Saturday. Then, I'll push 6 to next week and (hopefully) get back on track.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Girl, Interrupted

I've been sidelined by back pain. No run yesterday morning. I have plans for Monday evening.

One good thing about this: I did a lot of massaging and stretching on Thursday and Friday and my shins haven't hurt, so my legs are getting one heck of a rest.

Hopefully my back will let up by tomorrow and I'll be able to do 5:3.

BTW, my iPod's still dead. So, I suppose I'll have to get creative. That or steal M's.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I went running last night. It was a breezy and nice 88 degrees out.

I did a lot of stretching and massaging of my shins to get ready for the run. They were a little tight at first, and didn't begin to hurt until the end of the first 8 minutes.

It hurt a little less than last time, but still pretty bad when I was done.

I'm not a glutton for pain. So, unless I can really get these shins rested and ready to go, I may not do 5:3 tomorrow. I'm a little worried about pushing it, because the pain isn't good and 20 minutes of running would surely send me there quickly. And if it gets routinely painful because I'm not resting, I'll be increasingly reluctant to submit myself to it. I know me.

So, I may rest up and do it Monday night. That means giving up on doing a training week inside a calendar week, but oh well. As long as I'm running, I shouldn't worry. And I shouldn't push it.

I'd been discouraged because my weight keeps popping back up (169 yesterday) - but I decided to have faith in the process and keep sticking to it. Faith (and um, no dinner last night) must have worked - check out today's weigh in at right.

Cute thing: M went with me for protection. My iPod wasn't working, so he gave me his. And even had it on one of my fave bands - the Format - playing when we traded. Mine never did decide to work, so he had no tunes the whole time. I thought it was sweet he gave me his. He rode without music the whole time. So, I tried to talk to him during the 5 minute walk.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5:1 (in which I hurt)

Yay for cooler weather!!!!! It was 85 degrees when I left the house this morning. And there were some low clouds, so the sun was not as intense. I loved it! It was fabulous outside (relatively speaking, of course)!

Shins hurt immediately and did not let up. However, I overran my first 5 minutes by 40 seconds.

I watched the freakin' clock on the second 5 (first at 2:48, then multiple times between 4:30 and 5:00).

I had to stretch my tight calves, shins and left knee before the final 5 - mostly for fear they would start hurting so bad I wouldn't be able to finish. That was a BAD idea, apparently. I was in pain the entire time. But I overran by a few seconds anyway.

And after. I've never been in so much pain following a run. But every. step. hurt! Not kidding. I iced, elevated, massaged, and stretched. The only other things I can do now are rest and take ibuprofen.

Prodigy and Pearl Jam were my friends today. I saw two runners - one I've seen before, and who apparently doesn't need the crutches I do (watch, water, and tunes) since she had none of these trappings. I can't imagine not having them! I contemplated trying a run without my music - but that's just crazytalk!

I'm still hoping to get through the other 2 runs this week, but will have to see if I'm well enough rested from the knees down by tomorrow night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last night was week 4, run 3. It was something like 94 degrees out. At 9:30 p.m.! (It felt cooler than that, thankfully.) I set in and did the first half. By my second 3 minute run, my left knee was acting up and my shins were tired. BUT, I "overran" both 3 minute intervals by about 40 seconds before I checked my watch.

I stretched before the last 5 minute run. I was pretty mentally strong that last 5 minutes and didn't look at my watch until 4:30. Progress, people. Progress.

Then I came home, stretched and immediately iced both my knee and my shins. And elevated them, too.

I've found I'm very very grouchy without my iPod. It is SO my running crutch. I don't think I could make it without music.

I took a look at week 5. It looks a little like this:

5:1 (Wednesday morning)
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Walk 1/4 mile (or 3 minutes)
Jog 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)

5:2 (Thursday evening)
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)
Walk 1/2 mile (or 5 minutes)
Jog 3/4 mile (or 8 minutes)

5:3 (Saturday morning)
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog two miles (or 20 minutes) with no walking

This morning I drove down my route and down some side streets to add 4/10s of a mile on to my route - at least for 5:1. I think I'll need it.

I've also asked my mom to borrow her Weight Watchers stuff. I figure I'll get a little preview of the plan (albeit an older version) before I commit to paying the online price. If I can pick it up this weekend, I can give it a shot next week. Either way, I'm eating ice cream on the 4th!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I only have a few minutes.

As promised to myself - even after going to bed at 12:30 - I woke up earlier than early (6:30) and got going. I waited for poor underslept M to wake up and then he joined me on his bike, so we didn't get out until about 7:10. It was 82 degrees when we left. 86 when we got back. M suggested going earlier, at like 6:00. Sadly, he's probably right.

It was easier this time. And I figured out how I can not repeat week 4: run 4:3 on Monday night (technically inside a week's time), start week 5 on Wednesday morning, go again Thursday night, and then again Saturday morning. Then get back on M, W, F schedule for week 6.

My chiro talked to me about shin splints and gave me some good tips to add to the good things (stretching and icing) I'm already doing.

I'm officially addicted. I'm seriously considering adding WW to this thing, which I know I've already said, but I'm the type who needs to think about it a lot then make up my mind and then I do it.

Woohoo! I'm off to start my weekend!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


No run last night! I could NOT do it. It would have amounted to pushing my body well beyond its limits, and the forseeable consequences (fatigue, illness, soreness, headaches) just weren't worth it.

I thought I'd go this morning, but no dice. I've had this headache off & (mostly) on for a week now. Not fun. I've just popped two ibuprofen and an excedrin trying to banish the thing.

The last time I was like this was. . . last October or November, I think. So, if I get this only once every 6 to 8 months, I guess I'll take it over daily headaches.

My plan is to rest tonight. Go to bed early maybe (shocker!), and get up early and run. Oh yeah, there's a heat advisory in effect. So I'll have to go earlier than early. Crap!

So. 2 runs in this week. I may have to redo week 4. I don't know. What would you do?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Little Discouragement

I'm feeling a little discouraged today. My weight hasn't dropped. I had the menstrual bloat & gain going on last week. Yesterday I was back down to pre-PMS weight, today I'm back up.

What IS it with body image that I can't quite nail down? First I'm a skinny girl, then a skinny girl trapped in a "fat" girl's body, and now my identity's all confused. I think I look OK, but I'm certainly not where I want to be. And that's what's driving me most. I think I look OK, then I see pics of myself and want to die. OR run. It gets confusing around here.

My muscles (and everything else) were dog tired after Tuesday's run. But I recovered OK. I didn't sleep well AT ALL last night, so I've had a bad headache today that even 4 ibuprofen have failed to take the edge off of.

I'm trying to pull it together for a run tonight. I'm pretty convinced I can do it. With a nap and 3 more ibuprofen, that is.

I'm waiting until it "cools" down. It's 102 degrees right now. I've planned to run Saturday morning, so I really have no wiggle room in terms of rescheduling.


I'm freakin' tired people!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week 4! (4:1)

I'm off schedule, but I can 'splain. Last night was a major homework catchup night. Tonight was a major slack off night. So last night's run got rescheduled to tonight due to headaches, homework, and heat.

My left knee was acting up today big time. I mean pain when I was weightbearing to the point that I was exclaiming "ouch" out loud at work. Saturday night I slipped and fell on my left hip with my left ankle and knee tucked under me. It was special. In the middle of a busy restaurant. After I was trying to mess and be cute with my SIL. And I wasn't worried about all the eyes suddenly fixed on me. No. I was worried about getting my white shorts dirty on that floor! Oh, and that a possible knee or ankle injury could really screw up my running schedule. I felt absolutely nothing after that fall until today! I kid you not!

I did some stretches and just decided that it would be fine for tonight. It was.

I was SO excited when I saw that the moon was getting toward full at the end of last week. It meant I was going to get to run under a full moon! Tonight it happened and I loved it. There was a breeze, which I was VERY grateful for. Turns out 3 minutes isn't too bad after last week. But the 5 minutes nearly killed me. I thought my iPod died after that first 5 minutes. I cursed.

I can see how a woman in labor could become irrational and want to tear someone's head off. I was having a hard time running that last 5 minutes. I vowed not to look at my watch because I knew I would look too early and be sorry I did because I would have a lot longer to run. I looked at 4:00. And cursed.

EVERYTHING bothered me during that 5 minutes. The beam of M's bike light, the sound of his bike, even the moonlight. After I finished, M said "good job!" and I shook my hand at him, saying in gasping breaths something like "no. can't. can't. need focus."

I did it though. I ran for a combined total of 16 minutes and walked for a total of only 8 (not including my warm up and cool down walks).

I'm very tired. I hope that it's because of the lack of sleep last night. The coils in our AC froze and it was a warm night. I really do hope that's why it was so hard. Because I fear that in the light (and heat) of day, if it's that hard, I may just give it up.

Since I'm off schedule, I'm trying to decide when my 2 other runs this week will be. I think I'll go very early Thursday morning and then on Saturday morning. And then I'll be over half way through the program!!

And Kristine's already signed on to be my 5k partner for some of the runs over there on the right. Let's hope I can make it that far!!! (Kristine - consider this blog fair warning: I curse, spit, and don't chat well while running.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

3:3 (in which I curse)

I meant to get going earlier, but what would a Saturday morning be without sleeping in?

When I first started getting ready to walk out the door, it was 83 degrees. Once I stretched, strapped on my watch and iPod, realized that the battery was dead and that the other one didn't have my workout playlist on it and was almost dead, drank some water while my iPod got 30 seconds of charge, went to the bathroom and blew my nose, it was 86 degrees. I tried not to psych myself out about it too much.

The first step of my first 90 second run my left calf hurt immediately. I ignored it. I had Crystal Method and the Chemical Brothers getting me going. Nothing else mattered much. Then I started feeling pretty tired. I looked at my watch and it said 1:54. Sweet! I ran longer than 90 seconds without even knowing it!

The sun was intense. And I knew it was getting hotter by the second. Note to self: start putting on sunblock! The other reason I knew it was hot: not a soul on the street! No one on bikes, no one walking. All I see are people in cars, and those industrious folks working in the shade of their garages. That's it.

Just before my second 3 minute run, my iPod died. I said "oh shit!". Because then my Mind started playing mindgames with my Body. Like any sibling rivalry, the bickering drives me nuts and my iPod helps me block it out. Mind says "Body, you're tired! Go ahead and put your left hand up on your left hip. It's OK." And Body does it and then says "NO! That's not right! It's not time to slow down yet!" Mind says "look how much farther you have to run! It's so freakin' far! Are you sure you can make it?" Body retorts "absolutely!"

But then, like any sibling rivalry, when the going gets tough, they back each other up. Mind tells me "hey you! Body's really strong! It knows exactly what it's doing!" Body says "and Mind backs me up and helps me get through - you know, like right now, when I'm trying to run 2 extra minutes at the end of this thing and Mind's telling me to keep going to the corner. Look! I made it! And I even ran longer than 2 minutes! 2:24!"

Seriously, though, I'm learning a lot about myself through running. Like I'm stronger than I think I am sometimes. But I'm also whiney. I'm also a true Arizonan and have to resist the natural urge to hide from the sun bearing down on my back by seeking out spots of shade here and there. And I could also get addicted to exercise and slimming down. And I finally have made this running thing a habit, and might just be ready for adding something like Weight Watchers to this venture.

My shins/calves don't hurt much at all (yea!) but I ice them anyway. It helps me cool down.

Next week: 3 minutes running/90 seconds walking, then 5 minutes running/2.5 minutes walking, then 3 minutes running/90 seconds walking, then 5 minutes running.

Oooh! Wish me LUCK!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Too Little Sleep, Too Little Sleep

No run this morning. I'm lacking a good night's sleep for 2 nights in a row now and even after a bonafide sick day yesterday, I'm feeling pretty blah.

So, watch for me bright and early tomorrow morning. I'll be the one running!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I went this morning. It was about 78 degrees when I left the house. It felt warmer than that, but thank goodness for a breeze. I missed the breeze on Monday night.

I felt a cramp in my right shin/calf before I even got through my warm-up walk. I ran through it. I can't decide if it has anything to do with shin splints, or if it's just my calf muscle being worked and strengthened. I'm sitting here icing it either way.

I'm tired this morning so the first 90/90 was a little tough. But after the first 3 minute run, I wasn't as out of breath or having as much tightness in my chest/abs.

No catch this time. And I got through both sets fine. Except the second 3 minute run felt like a lifetime and I really, really really tried not to think about how long or far I was running. This is where distance running, rather than timed, might be better for me . . . I could always run faster and get done faster . . . instead of not being able to get done any faster because time just doesn't go faster than it goes . . . whatever.

I added 2 minutes at the end again. Not so easy. But I got it done.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm late in posting this, but since I'm "pre"-dating it, it'll be OK. Monday night, I did the first run of week 3. I made sure I ate a light dinner this time. It worked.

Week 3 is simply this: 2 repetitions of 90 seconds walking, 90 seconds running, then 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking.

I really was psyching myself out about that 3 minutes. I got through the 90/90 easily, since I'd been doing that interval during week 2 (it was supposed to be 90 running and 2 minutes walking but I never adjusted it to get it right). When I got to the 3 minutes of running, I took a deep breath and dove in.

In so doing, I found a good thing about night runs: I can't see how much farther I have to go. I told myself I'd run at least 3 blocks before looking at my watch, which involved pressing the little "light" button in order to see the numbers. After 3 blocks, it was only 2:45, so I kept going.

When I stopped, my abs and chest felt tight and I had to "breathe down" - meaning I couldn't talk, couldn't drink, could hardly breathe and had to breathe through it until I felt semi-normal again.

This should have been my new turnaround point, but I didn't want to shorten my route, so I started my second 90 run and went up to my regular turnaround point. When I started the 90 second walk, I got this horrible catch in my right side. That's never happened before. So, I gave myself an extra 30 seconds walking - mostly because I didn't feel like I could do it without giving that catch some time to go away.

The second 3 minutes was easier than I thought it would be. So much so I added another 2 minutes at the end of my run. I told M, who was riding his bike alongside me, "this is overdrive". Indeed it was. My right knee ached (also never happened before) when I was done.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

2:3 v2

I know I'm not on schedule, but at least I got 3 runs in this week. Hooray!

91 degrees when I left the house at 9:30! Thank God for a breeze. Oh, did I say "breeze"? That's what I thought it was until I hit the turnaround point in my run. Then I realized it was windy, not breezy!

It was HOT. The wind cooled me off when it was at my back during the first half of my run. It was very hard to push against during the latter half, however.

Shins didn't bother me too much. My left knee hurt at the end of my run, but I think it was really hard for me to keep good form toward the end and that's why.

The intervals weren't too difficult at the beginning, but ohmylife, they were on the latter half. I was very very hot at one point. I had read about how to cool down when running in hot weather. The key is the head. So I poured water over my head. It helped a lot and gave me the oomph I needed for the next running interval.

At one point, at 52 seconds in, I wanted to stop running SO SO badly. But I said to myself "Come on! Come on!" and I kept going. But my plans for a 2 minute finish like last time were instantly canned. I did, however, add an extra minute at the end (past the normal start of my cool-down walk) for an extra push.

Every time I wanted to quit or it got a little hard, my body wouldn't let me - drugs flooded my system and pushed me on. It was awesome that my body kept me going. Well, that and Pearl Jam and Prodigy again. Next week, I think I'll need the sassy push of the Pussycat Dolls.

Remember how I mentioned before about wanting to curl up in a ball and die? That was for dramatic flair. Today, it was for real!!

I got home, and collapsed on the couch. I made myself get up, turn on the fan, and stretch out. Eventually I cooled off, with the help of an ice pack over my shins and left knee.

Overall, I feel I made a good choice by starting week 2 over again. Monday brings the start of week 3. I just won't do it late morning when it's already like a low-grade sauna outside!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2:2 v.2

It's official. Mornings are better. Can't believe I'm saying that, but there it is.

I woke up d-o-g tired, willed myself out of bed, pulled my running clothes on and got moving. I ate a banana, popped a couple of ibuprofen since my head was already threatening. I figured they would also help with the shin splints should I suffer from them anew.

I saw a quail running. It was fast! I also saw 4 bunnies. They were fast. I decided I wanted to run like the quail and the rabbits. Then again, they ran in a fearful, zigzag evasive pattern, so maybe not.

My body is tired. But not as tired or heavy as at night, after dinner.

I got a new watch. With bigger numbers than those on my phone. Turns out I love it! It really helps.

This morning, I'm kind of in a hurry. I've left the house late and am trying to get back to see M before he leaves for work. I hit the usual place and turn back on my route. Apparently the wind that had been at my back is now at my front. I immediately think "great! this'll make it harder to run!" But instead of slowing me down, it cools me down. Bonus!

Still, I keep watching my new watch. Well, not on the running intervals. That's just torture. My get moving music today consists of Outkast, Pearl Jam and Prodigy. It helps to have good music that is meaningful to me. It keeps my mind from the doldrums of running. And it won't let my body run off into an alley somewhere and curl up into a ball and die.

I see the end of my route coming up ahead and I decide that, in order to get home to see M quicker, I'll run two whole minutes. Straight. I pick a point ahead and decide I will not look at my watch to see how much I have left until I hit that point. I begin to run. And I'm pushing through. And then it happens.

Runner's high! Legal, natural, totally organic drugs!! And not just a trickle. No. A flood!! It pours over me in waves for about 30 seconds straight. I get to the designated "look and see" spot and it's about 1:45 into my 2 minute run. And the drugs keep coming. And I. LOVE. it!

I did it. I ran for 2 minutes. And I pat myself on the back for doing week 2 over again and for switching to mornings and for getting a wristwatch and for setting a schedule.

And for weighing in at 167.4 before my run! I haven't been here in quite a while!!!

I get home just as M is pulling out of the garage. Yea! I made it!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chunks & Acid (C 2 5k 2:3 or C 2 5k 2:1v2)

It's official. I hate night runs. I had planned to run Saturday morning. But my right leg hurt somewhere between my shin and my calf. Every time I walked on it.

So, it got postponed until tonight. M ran with me. Once I got him to be quiet and leave me alone, it was smooth sailing. Well. Sort of.

Rule number 1: keep your legs under you. My shins hurt this time. Again. I had to concentrate to keep my legs under me instead of in front of me. It's supposed to help. It kind of did.

Rule number 2: don't eat pizza before running. Bunches of belching ensue. And I get chunks and acid when I walk in the door.

While running, I started thinking how last time I was extra tired. I've chalked it up to eating dinner before running.

So. Tired and hurting. Again. I vow to run on a schedule. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And it only took me a few weeks to figure that out! (Told you I'm not good with time or schedules!) Der!

And so M can come with me at least once - Monday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Friday mornings.

And so that I can keep them all in one week, I'm doing a do-over of week 2. Plus, I'd like to try the 90 second intervals in the mornings and see if it hurts as badly. I'm kind of getting freaked out at the pain and wondering whether I'll be able to make the big leap up to running 3 minutes. So, today will be considered 2:1 version 2.

I've decided that running is a good destresser. Not because I get all "in the zone" or because I'm so into it. No. Because it takes all my concentration. So I have no energy to think about anything else but running. Good, right?

Meanwhile, I sit here icing my shins as a form of treatment.

See you Wednesday.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Just checked out the C 2 5k site (link at right) and found that I should be running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes. No freakin' wonder I'm tired! Oh well. Probably won't adjust it much tomorrow since I've already done it wrong twice.

Next week: intervals of 90 seconds running and 90 seconds walking then 3 minutes running and 3 minutes walking. I'll definitely need a watch. And a whole lotta guts!

2:2 (in which I vow to never ever EVER eat Rubio's tacos again)

I did it! I ran again last night. Hub joined me on his bike. Now before you go all "that's really mean of him," I prefer the biking to, say, rollerblading or actually running with me because then we'd have to engage one another. As it was, biking provided the perfect disconnect so that he could do his thing so that I could focus on my running. I REALLY needed it.

I can't say why it took that much focus, exactly. But I have a few words about this run. One: abs. Two: shin splints. Three: hurt. like. hell! My abs seemed to be on fire for the latter half of the run, my shins hurt the entire time (I really had to focus on my running form, but I was dang tired so I had to keep self correcting), and my entire body protested.

I ate two Rubio's tacos before my run. And belched them up the entire run. Gross! I knew those tacos were a bad idea. I even told M, "These tacos have too much sauce on them. Remind me never to get them again." I don't know if the whole running after dinner vs. running after half a banana (i.e. night vs. morning) is the trouble, or if I just didn't space my sessions out far enough, or if that extra 30 seconds of running is just really that hard.

If it's that last one, I'm really scared. I'm the type that when the cheeky bootcamp instructor says, jokingly (or maybe just to weed the me's of the group out), "keep going! only 99 more!", I immediately give it up and stop, thinking to myself "self, there's no way you're going to do 99 of those, so might as well quit while you're ahead." I take my own advice.

So, I start pondering the longer and longer required runs as this program progresses, and I try (try!) not to freak out. I manage to avoid the topic pretty well because I'm. really! tired.

Turns out I'm glad M came along. The street seems darker than last time, and there are a lot more potential baddies actually on the streets this time.

I find myself really savoring every second of the 90 second walking intervals, though I try really hard to keep a quick walking pace so my heart rate stays up.

By the time I'm on my cool down walk, I'm really exhausted. And my legs are clumsy. And my calves are really tight. I stretch really well.

It must have worked -all that tiredness and clumsy, plodding running - because this morning I'm back down to 169.0. 1 pound in 1 day. Woohoo!

Total time: about 35 minutes
Music: Black Eyed Peas, Hot Hot Heat, and Gorillaz

I go again tomorrow. And M has vowed to run with me. I wonder if that means I can still listen to my iPod. . .

Thursday, May 29, 2008

2:1 (Week 2, Run 1)

Yes, I realize it's been longer than 2 weeks since I started this here running venture. Whatever. I'm keeping with it, if only in my own good time. Which anyone who knows me knows "my own good time" is usually the day late and a dollar short sort of time-keeping.

I ran yesterday morning. 90 second running, 90 seconds walking. The cell phone/stopwatch accompanied me on the trip (must. buy. wristwatch.) so that I could track my intervals.

My body felt heavy! And tired. 90 seconds felt like a small forever! I am convinced it was because of all the crap food I ate while camping (read: chips, cookies, soda and other sugary drinks, angel food cake, hot dogs, etc. etc.). And sure enough, I weigh in at 170 this morning. Crap! Progress lost. For now.

I'll run again tonight in a showy effort to get 3 runs within a week. I figure if I can actually get my butt in gear (oh, I'm committed; just not very good at putting on my big girl panties, sucking it up, and sticking to a running schedule) and get out there more often - stick to a schedule (the bad "S" word) as it were - I might, just maybe, be able to add doing Weight Watchers to the mix and see if I can't really ramp up the results.

Seriously, though. While doing 2:1, I was thinking how strange it is that running (running!) is what motivates me. Then again, I'm the type who procrastinates so that I feel a little under pressure before I start doing whatever it is that needs to be done (housework, work-work, school work, etc.). I don't L-O-V-E running. But I love running!

So far, I'm sticking with it in a way that I can't stick with going to the gym (been there, done that) or exercise classes. OK. To be fair, I did go to the gym regularly for months and months on end. And I did do Jazzercise for months and months on end, too. And then I went back to the gym for months and months on end again. Now the gym just scares me. Too many communicable diseases. (told you I'm hypochondriacal!)

Whatever. Now I'm rambling.

Tonight, I run!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shout Out

Thanks to those who have stopped by and commented. I didn't have my notification turned on, so I've only just read all of them.

Your support means a lot! Truly! Part of the fun of running for me is that I get to come back home and write about it here. Whatever works, right?

And those of you who are attempting to climb the fitness mountain yourself, I just wanna say:

GO US!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Dedication. That's the theme for today. I woke up at 5:30-ish. Before my alarm. Before M's earlier alarm. I laid in bed trying to get some more rest.

All running bets for yesterday were off. I was WAY too tired in the a.m. and the p.m. had a lot of this going on: I don't like to be wet. At. All. In fact, hate would be a good word to use here. So - no run in the p.m.

I got out of bed this morning at 6:30, peeked out the window to see if the rain was taking a break. It was, so I got dressed. By the time I stretched, checked the "weather station" in our kitchen, put on a sweater to help with the suddenly 54º temperature, and headed outside, it was drizzling again. I went back inside to put on a hat, and yelled to M that I probably wouldn't be gone too long since it was, in fact, raining again.

I started my running earlier. As in before I even left my neighborhood. I could not believe I was actually running in. the. rain!

But I did it. It was hard for some reason. My body was tired. And sluggish in the cold. And my shin splints seemed worse, regardless of my form. I didn't time my intervals, I just guesstimated. And I shortened my run by about half. I got back home and I had only been gone like 23 minutes. That includes the de-robing I did in front of the dryer before I put all my wet clothes in and fired it up.

I stretched back out, my legs still tight which means they didn't really even warm up. I was all limber after my run last time. Less tight. Oh well. Some other day when it's not rainy. I'm on to week 2 of the program: 90 second intervals of walking and running. Woo hoo!

I'll probably try a run while I'm camping this weekend. We'll see how that goes. It's currently snowing up there! I don't know if I have that kind of dedication! Plus, I might just pass out from the higher elevation if I push it too much.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yes. I know. My running sessions are supposed to be closer together. As in 3 times a week. But I'm not beating myself up for it. There are plenty of scary imaginary gangsta thugs to do that for me.

Let me explain: already cautious and slightly suspicious female + overly paranoid and always aware-of-surroundings male + 14 years of togetherness = proneness to paranoid delusions on the part of said female when running in the dark.

Tonight, I did my first "night" run. A co-worker said she recently read some article saying that most people think that it's better to exercise outdoors in the morning, but it's really better at night. Since I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning, I had to try out her theory.

I left about an hour ago. Before I did, I took off my wedding ring. As I did, I suddenly thought "what if someone kidnaps me? And I can't make them believe that someone will be looking for me - namely my husband - because I don't have my wedding ring on?" And then I answered myself "well, just show them the red marks and indentations on that finger, and they'll believe you!" And then the first self said "well, what if they keep me for a really long time and I'm really really sad I didn't just keep my ring on?" And the second one said "oh, believe me, you'd probably just mutilate yourself with your fingernails to keep the marks of the band around that finger - a sort of vigil for your marriage and your husband."


Is that not twisted????

So, I start my run. My shins ache for about the first 30 seconds of running. So, I really focus on my running form, and it goes away. I brought my cell phone with me because it has a stopwatch function. So. . . I have my iPod strapped to my arm, wires hanging, earbuds in my ears, cell in my left hand, water bottle in my right. But at least I don't have to wear a visor. I guess. I feel laden like a beast of burden. And the dinner I ate before running, although not heavy, feels so now.

Despite this, my cell/stopwatch actually helps me keep time pretty well. And provides a little light, too. I never realized how dark my route is. When M and I rollerblade down it, he always brings a flashlight. But that just now occurs to me.

So, as I run, I notice that I can finally breathe. And it seems that the air might be a little clearer. Well, I guess anything's an improvement over the stenchy weedkiller of last time. I quickly notice nighttime hampers my visual cues, which is both good (I can't see how far I still have to go) and bad (I can't see where the street curbs dip).

I also am on high alert for the baddies who would snatch me. I pay attention to slow-moving cars in parking lots, and when a truck turns from a street, goes down half a block and turns into the alley, I purposefully watch the headlights' glow on the trees to make sure it's still moving and not stopping waiting to grab me. Only when I notice the lights bend and turn into a back yard do I look away.

As I run, I also plan and plot what I would do to/hit with/throw at an imagined attacker and as I run by front yards the list includes: bricks, rocks, small dogs, my cell phone, my water bottle. . .

I also feel the tinge of hypochondriacal tendencies mixed in with the paranoid delusions: I smell the blossoms of something that I'm sure I'm allergic too. So much for the air being cleaner at night.

In spite of all these wonderful distractions, or maybe because of them, I keep my intervals much more in line with the program this time, thanks to the stopwatch. I still find the 90 second walking hard to do and want to run again at about 60 seconds, but with a stopwatch I'm able to enforce myself. Besides, I'm sure I'll find running for 90 seconds much harder than walking it. I push myself harder - doing 60 extra seconds at the end instead of walking.

I get home and ask M how long I've been gone. He says 50 minutes. So that means a short warm-up walk, a short cool-off walk (both in my neighborhood) and then about 40 minutes on my route. That's twice the "legal limit" of the program, which calls for 20 minutes.

So. I feel pretty good. Now, if I can just stick to my plan of running on Thursday and Saturday this week, I'll be doing fine.

But, I still have to figure out whether I like mornings or evenings better. Either way, I'll have to look into tips for running in hot weather, since it's over 100º here already!