Saturday, October 16, 2010

What I Never Told You

The last time I actually ran was. . . oh, a month ago? Maybe?

Good times.

Let's see. . . if I recall correctly, I ran 20 minutes without stopping. Around minute 17 or 18, I saw this skinnybutt girl in yellow yoga pants sitting on some quad weight machine. Her face was a movie screen and I saw her thoughts.

Sure enough, 1 minute later she passes me on the track, her youthful bounciness enough to make me gag.

"Little does she know" I thought, pointing eye-daggers at her head, "that I've been running for 18 minutes straight and that's why I've been forced to settle into this slow jog!" Hummpphhh!

[insert semi-evil thoughts about younger, skinnier MissFit kind of gym girls here. . .]

Then, up from behind, and. . . there she went again, a yellowish, bouncy blur.

[insert semi-evil thoughts about chicks that run like "look at me! i'm running!" instead of "running is a work out. period." you know the ones I mean.]

And then, she disappeared. I scanned all around the track. Then, I spotted her. Walking. And nursing a stitch on the other side of the track.

"I knew it!" I thought, my self-satisfaction taking over. "I knew she couldn't hack it! She thought she could out-do me? I've been running for. . .

20 minutes! And done!"

And that's how I know exactly the sort of not-very-nice competitive streak I have.


Since then, no running. But lots of yoga, which I think will only make me a better runner, given that I'm getting much more flexible in my calves.

Even so, I have big plans for getting more sleep, more energy and running through the fall and right on toward spring!