Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Soooooo NOT off the wagon!

It's just that URI + UTI = not a good couple of weeks.

That's right, folks. Setback, then setback. I had a "viral" upper respiratory infection (doc said so) for over a week and a half, which brought with it the loverly side effect of near debilitating fatigue. And the very day that finally cleared, I started having symptoms of a urinary tract infection. My system's all screwy.

We drove down my running route last night. I was very very sad. I haven't run since 8/18. And it's nearly killing me!!!

I hope to get over this UTI and get back on Monday morning. Here's hoping for a glorious comeback.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sick Day

I'm still recovering from traveling last weekend. See, we usually catch up on sleep over the weekends. But last weekend, I was sleep-deprived to start and even worse when we got home.

So Monday I ran 2 miles in the evening. Bonus that the full moon was out for me. And that M went with me. Except when he crept up behind me and I could hear him really well because I didn't have earphones in - just my cell phone (which plays mp3s I download into it) haphazardly strapped on my arm (doesn't really fit).

When it became apparent that he was content to stay behind me for the rest of my run, I told him "GO!"

He did. At one point he slowed down again and I was gaining on him, but my frustration melted away when I realized he was protecting me by blocking me from the oncoming car that was barreling down the street. Awww!

2 miles Monday and not an inch since. I made yesterday my rest day this week, thinking I'd recover and finish out my week. No such luck. I'm home sick today and hoping - though by the feel of my throat, it may be in vain - that I'm better by tomorrow so I can resume.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Am Magic!

I can turn bottled water into saltwater! I can convince the sun to follow my whims! I can make time disappear!

Yesterday was technically rest day, but since I’ll be traveling on Saturday, I moved my long run to Friday, which meant Friday’s run got moved up to Rest Day.

Except, I was dang tired yesterday morning! I had in my mind all day that I would go in the evening. Then it started raining. Since I can turn bottled water into saltwater, and half the time I run I’m soaking wet anyway (particularly with this high humidity we’ve been having), I thought I’d chance it. I really really really had the desire to run yesterday.

Instead of running in the rain, opportunist that I am, I waited between raining spells and then went. I didn’t want to overdo it because I wanted my 5 miler this morning to be successful. Plus, it was a little dark. And more than a little damp. And it was getting towards late. So, I shortened my run and ran what I’m guesstimating was about 1.5 miles. It was perfect. I was relaxed enough to look at my surroundings, see things I’m usually too tired to see on longer runs, and noticed how the bright lights from the big city to our West were reflecting off the clouds and leaving a pinkish hue on things and illuminating the sky a little.

This morning, I got up and headed out for my 5-er. Remember a while back when I used to think that the way back was always easier? Well, I thought it was because I was warmed up and primed for finishing my run. Nope. It was because it is in fact easier because it is downhill!

So, the first two miles were great. I forbade the sun from coming out of its hiding place behind the clouds. I didn’t have a visor or sunglasses on, plus 78 degrees was just fine for temp given the 44% humidity! The sun obliged and I thanked it.

I stretched a little and walked for about 30 seconds between 2 and 3. Since my third mile is on an uphill stretch (incidentally so is my first, but it doesn’t bug as much), it felt like I literally hit a wall. That third mile is always hard. But the wall opened up when I turned right onto the route for my fourth mile. Yessirree – that wall opened up, and I got a rush of drugs and increased speed as a reward. So, I instantly reset my “I can walk when I get to . . .” places in my head and then passed by them all anyway without walking.

I did, however, walk for about a minute before mile 5. Mile 5 was pretty much uphill both ways. No, I’m not kidding! Both ways seem to have a slight grade, with some parts being a blatant incline. Challenging but fun for the end of a run! Oh, and bonus: mile 5 is actual 1.5 miles.

So, I did 5.5 miles in an hour and 3 minutes - not including walking or stretching time. (Told you I can make time disappear!)

My legs and left sciatic nerve are a little tender today, but I'm doing good.

Weekly total: 16 miles

Now I get to rest over the weekend! YEA! I’m going to L.A. for a family function with M’s family. All I have to say is they’d better comment on how great I’m looking or I will stone them!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


HA HA HA! "Other" runner is walking her dog with an umbrella while I'm out running in the rain!

But I'd better start at the beginning.

OK. So, here's the story. On Monday I ran 3 miles. I tried for 4 yesterday, but only made it 2. I was in pain the entire time. I walked a little before starting the 3rd mile, but decided I'd better not. Instead, I limped home and iced. I stretched a little throughout the day and then massaged and stretched last night.

It was raining this morning. (Remember, I HATE to be wet, which is why I HATE the rain.) I thought "eh. what's a little rain?" and went anyway. In the middle of my 2nd mile today, I realized "I'm gonna make it!" and I was happy.

Then halfway into my 3rd mile, I saw the "OR" ("other" runner). With an umbrella. Out walking her dog. "HA HA HA!" was my exact thought. (Um, yes, you would call that "smug".) I smiled at her and said "morning". And she goes "are you training for something?" So, I stop and turn around and her big black lab rushes me and I pet him and say "I'm training with a friend for a 1/2 marathon." And we chat about local runs and she gives me the skinny on one I'm looking at in December. And she says she'll give me her card next time she sees me (which might, in fact, be tomorrow). And she says we should run together, and I quickly correct her that I don't run with anyone because I have to concentrate so much. We swap name introductions. Her name is Grace.

So, I get running again and start cursing "OR" Grace for my body having cooled down and have to get going again.

Regardless, I finished in about 46 minutes (not including the 2-3 minutes I was talking to "OR" Grace).

Other observations I've made on my recent runs:

~Who the crap would paint their house Willy Wonka purple and light gray (which ends up looking like light purple against the Willy Wonka purple anyway)????

~I am really, truly paranoid! About possible thug kidnappers in a white van (probably just carpoolers) and about stinging stinky bug guts I wipe across my eye, wondering if I'll have to rinse it out.

~ Ice, stretching and massage really do work!

~ I never thought I'd see the day when the temperature actually went down during my run, but today it did.

~ 4 miles is the new easy. At least today.

~ How fast do you have to be driving to run over a bunny?

~ I think I'm getting better at recognizing the needs of my body. Well, except in the area of food.

~The Aquabats' "Super Rad" is a GREAT end of run song! Seriously, have you ever listened to the beat of that song? It gets my feet going a steady pace, which I most definitely need at the end. I replayed it 2 times today.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I always KNEW running would save my life. . .

Check out this article:

The United States of Euphoria

Well. . . sort of! There were certainly moments early on in my run this morning when all combined to be perfect: temperature, wind, energy, clouds, music. . .

I started out GREAT! I listened to 411's "Love Song" about 5 times. I love it and for some reason it was really helping me this morning.

Saw another runner - one I have seen only one other time back very very early into my C 2 5k days. He took me seriously this time. Made eye contact. I smiled. It was great! Plus, this time and last time I ran I saw the "other" runner out walking her dog. Last time we acknowledged each other. This time we said "hi". I think I've OFFICIALLY made it as a "runner"!! Go me!

The last mile was a toughy. It was getting hotter. And the humidity was up near 30%. But, I made it. 3 miles in 33 minutes.

A little massage tonight and I should be ready for 4 miles tomorrow. Yeah!

I must, however, remember the mental note I made to myself at the beginning of this morning's run: getting to bed early will be vital to my running schedule this week.

So, off to get my evening "done" so I can hit the sack early!

Friday, August 8, 2008

More Numbers

31 - minutes I ran 3 miles in on Wednesday
51 - percentage of humidity today
78 - degrees it was when I left the house
80 - degrees it was when I came home (which was why 51% humidity was OK)
46 - minutes I ran 4 miles in today

That's right! I did it! Although I guess I should have pulled a Paulie Bleeker and applied deoderant to my thighs. . . because my right one is chafed! It made the last part of mile 3 and the entire mile 4 not very fun.

Whatever. My agenda for today: STRETCH! And tonight I'm tasked with massaging my legs. They're getting tight again. I'm still not sure about my five mile route and exactly how that's going to be accomplished, but I'll figure something out tonight with M's help.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another off week

Feeling under the weather this week. At this point I really don't know whether hub and I are just passing this crap back and forth between us or what.

I didn't run Mon or Tues, but I did go yesterday. It was the perfect mix of sun, clouds, heat, wind and humidity. It felt nice. Don't get me wrong: it was hot! But it wasn't as bad as it has been.

That, and I had an audience. The kids are back in school this week, so I had kids and their parents sitting watching me while I ran past. To them, I'm "that runner" or "that running girl". It feeds my vanity. Whatever.

After my long rest, my legs felt really good. They've been pretty sore and I haven't massaged them as I should have.

I'm seriously considering a sports massage at this point.

I was also seriously considering running 4 miles this morning. A late night last night and too many obligations today kept me from doing so. So, I'm thinking of doing it tomorrow, then 5 on Saturday.

It's a love-hate relationship with running this week. Sometimes I love it. You know, when I'm not running and missing it and feeling I need to get running. And sometimes I hate it. Namely, when I'm running. But when those times hit, I've been trying to pep talk myself into believing that this is a way of life for me now. This is not just "until I lose weight" or "until the run in October".

Plus, I continue to lurve what running is doing for my body. On Sunday and Monday I fit into two brand new blouses that have been hanging in my closet. When I bought them originally a few months back, the arms wouldn't fit. They were hanging in my closet waiting for me to resew buttons so they'd button around my arms. Well, they fit without any such revisions! Small progress, but SO meaningful!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mistakes then The Wall

The first mistake was going to bed at 1:30 a.m. The second was waking up at 7:00. The third was puttering around waiting for M to change his bike tire, and finally going running at 9:00. The fourth was eating a small bowl of cereal. The fifth was drinking water before leaving the house.

Today was my 4-miler.

I started out strong. Felt really good. Really really visualized my end point, which is not always easy for me to do.

But it was HOT. 96 degrees when I started. My feet felt hot. But I got over it. I walked about a minute after the first 2 miles. I think it ruined me.

When I got to about 2.5, I was really trying to scrape together the mental strength to keep going. And when I say "scrape," we're talking bottom of the barrel here, folks.

I hit a wall. I could not summon the will to keep going. I was very very tempted to shortcut it home. BUT, I resisted. I figured being faced with the task of walking all the way home might just be push enough to get going again. I did eventually get going again and I ran another 1/2 mile. M finally caught up to me. I told him to go ahead, that I was walking home. He offered his bike. I said "no. this is what happens when I don't run. I get to walk home."

Well. That only lasted until I hit gravel. I did NOT want to hear the slow crunch of my feet walking over it, so I decided to run. I ran all the way to my street. I figure my total run was about 3.25 mi. Not what I set out to do, but I pushed through and did it nonetheless.

I was hot, tired, worried about sunburn and heatstroke, belching up cereal, and had to pee. Not exactly ideal running conditions.

BUT, I ran over 15 miles this week.

NEXT TIME I do 4 miles, I'm just going to do my normal 2 mile route twice. When I spread it out and have too many turns (like today), it's just too much for my head to wrap around, so I get overwhelmed. At least that's my theory. Well, that, and the cereal, heat and bladder issues.