Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another off week

Feeling under the weather this week. At this point I really don't know whether hub and I are just passing this crap back and forth between us or what.

I didn't run Mon or Tues, but I did go yesterday. It was the perfect mix of sun, clouds, heat, wind and humidity. It felt nice. Don't get me wrong: it was hot! But it wasn't as bad as it has been.

That, and I had an audience. The kids are back in school this week, so I had kids and their parents sitting watching me while I ran past. To them, I'm "that runner" or "that running girl". It feeds my vanity. Whatever.

After my long rest, my legs felt really good. They've been pretty sore and I haven't massaged them as I should have.

I'm seriously considering a sports massage at this point.

I was also seriously considering running 4 miles this morning. A late night last night and too many obligations today kept me from doing so. So, I'm thinking of doing it tomorrow, then 5 on Saturday.

It's a love-hate relationship with running this week. Sometimes I love it. You know, when I'm not running and missing it and feeling I need to get running. And sometimes I hate it. Namely, when I'm running. But when those times hit, I've been trying to pep talk myself into believing that this is a way of life for me now. This is not just "until I lose weight" or "until the run in October".

Plus, I continue to lurve what running is doing for my body. On Sunday and Monday I fit into two brand new blouses that have been hanging in my closet. When I bought them originally a few months back, the arms wouldn't fit. They were hanging in my closet waiting for me to resew buttons so they'd button around my arms. Well, they fit without any such revisions! Small progress, but SO meaningful!

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