Wednesday, August 13, 2008


HA HA HA! "Other" runner is walking her dog with an umbrella while I'm out running in the rain!

But I'd better start at the beginning.

OK. So, here's the story. On Monday I ran 3 miles. I tried for 4 yesterday, but only made it 2. I was in pain the entire time. I walked a little before starting the 3rd mile, but decided I'd better not. Instead, I limped home and iced. I stretched a little throughout the day and then massaged and stretched last night.

It was raining this morning. (Remember, I HATE to be wet, which is why I HATE the rain.) I thought "eh. what's a little rain?" and went anyway. In the middle of my 2nd mile today, I realized "I'm gonna make it!" and I was happy.

Then halfway into my 3rd mile, I saw the "OR" ("other" runner). With an umbrella. Out walking her dog. "HA HA HA!" was my exact thought. (Um, yes, you would call that "smug".) I smiled at her and said "morning". And she goes "are you training for something?" So, I stop and turn around and her big black lab rushes me and I pet him and say "I'm training with a friend for a 1/2 marathon." And we chat about local runs and she gives me the skinny on one I'm looking at in December. And she says she'll give me her card next time she sees me (which might, in fact, be tomorrow). And she says we should run together, and I quickly correct her that I don't run with anyone because I have to concentrate so much. We swap name introductions. Her name is Grace.

So, I get running again and start cursing "OR" Grace for my body having cooled down and have to get going again.

Regardless, I finished in about 46 minutes (not including the 2-3 minutes I was talking to "OR" Grace).

Other observations I've made on my recent runs:

~Who the crap would paint their house Willy Wonka purple and light gray (which ends up looking like light purple against the Willy Wonka purple anyway)????

~I am really, truly paranoid! About possible thug kidnappers in a white van (probably just carpoolers) and about stinging stinky bug guts I wipe across my eye, wondering if I'll have to rinse it out.

~ Ice, stretching and massage really do work!

~ I never thought I'd see the day when the temperature actually went down during my run, but today it did.

~ 4 miles is the new easy. At least today.

~ How fast do you have to be driving to run over a bunny?

~ I think I'm getting better at recognizing the needs of my body. Well, except in the area of food.

~The Aquabats' "Super Rad" is a GREAT end of run song! Seriously, have you ever listened to the beat of that song? It gets my feet going a steady pace, which I most definitely need at the end. I replayed it 2 times today.

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Jen said...

I so enjoyed this post today!! You are too funny! Way to go on your 4! tomorrow is rest day!! YAY!