Friday, August 15, 2008

I Am Magic!

I can turn bottled water into saltwater! I can convince the sun to follow my whims! I can make time disappear!

Yesterday was technically rest day, but since I’ll be traveling on Saturday, I moved my long run to Friday, which meant Friday’s run got moved up to Rest Day.

Except, I was dang tired yesterday morning! I had in my mind all day that I would go in the evening. Then it started raining. Since I can turn bottled water into saltwater, and half the time I run I’m soaking wet anyway (particularly with this high humidity we’ve been having), I thought I’d chance it. I really really really had the desire to run yesterday.

Instead of running in the rain, opportunist that I am, I waited between raining spells and then went. I didn’t want to overdo it because I wanted my 5 miler this morning to be successful. Plus, it was a little dark. And more than a little damp. And it was getting towards late. So, I shortened my run and ran what I’m guesstimating was about 1.5 miles. It was perfect. I was relaxed enough to look at my surroundings, see things I’m usually too tired to see on longer runs, and noticed how the bright lights from the big city to our West were reflecting off the clouds and leaving a pinkish hue on things and illuminating the sky a little.

This morning, I got up and headed out for my 5-er. Remember a while back when I used to think that the way back was always easier? Well, I thought it was because I was warmed up and primed for finishing my run. Nope. It was because it is in fact easier because it is downhill!

So, the first two miles were great. I forbade the sun from coming out of its hiding place behind the clouds. I didn’t have a visor or sunglasses on, plus 78 degrees was just fine for temp given the 44% humidity! The sun obliged and I thanked it.

I stretched a little and walked for about 30 seconds between 2 and 3. Since my third mile is on an uphill stretch (incidentally so is my first, but it doesn’t bug as much), it felt like I literally hit a wall. That third mile is always hard. But the wall opened up when I turned right onto the route for my fourth mile. Yessirree – that wall opened up, and I got a rush of drugs and increased speed as a reward. So, I instantly reset my “I can walk when I get to . . .” places in my head and then passed by them all anyway without walking.

I did, however, walk for about a minute before mile 5. Mile 5 was pretty much uphill both ways. No, I’m not kidding! Both ways seem to have a slight grade, with some parts being a blatant incline. Challenging but fun for the end of a run! Oh, and bonus: mile 5 is actual 1.5 miles.

So, I did 5.5 miles in an hour and 3 minutes - not including walking or stretching time. (Told you I can make time disappear!)

My legs and left sciatic nerve are a little tender today, but I'm doing good.

Weekly total: 16 miles

Now I get to rest over the weekend! YEA! I’m going to L.A. for a family function with M’s family. All I have to say is they’d better comment on how great I’m looking or I will stone them!!!!

Have a great weekend!


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Jen said...

So impressed! I don't think I ever get that second rush. I just keep on chuggin' along at my slow pace. Good for you! You are gonna rock this!