Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sick Day

I'm still recovering from traveling last weekend. See, we usually catch up on sleep over the weekends. But last weekend, I was sleep-deprived to start and even worse when we got home.

So Monday I ran 2 miles in the evening. Bonus that the full moon was out for me. And that M went with me. Except when he crept up behind me and I could hear him really well because I didn't have earphones in - just my cell phone (which plays mp3s I download into it) haphazardly strapped on my arm (doesn't really fit).

When it became apparent that he was content to stay behind me for the rest of my run, I told him "GO!"

He did. At one point he slowed down again and I was gaining on him, but my frustration melted away when I realized he was protecting me by blocking me from the oncoming car that was barreling down the street. Awww!

2 miles Monday and not an inch since. I made yesterday my rest day this week, thinking I'd recover and finish out my week. No such luck. I'm home sick today and hoping - though by the feel of my throat, it may be in vain - that I'm better by tomorrow so I can resume.

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Jen said...

sounds vaguely like my week!! there is always tomorrow and saturday! ahhh 6 miles!! That is 24 laps around a track. I still haven't figured out how I am going to keep track of that!