Saturday, June 14, 2008

3:3 (in which I curse)

I meant to get going earlier, but what would a Saturday morning be without sleeping in?

When I first started getting ready to walk out the door, it was 83 degrees. Once I stretched, strapped on my watch and iPod, realized that the battery was dead and that the other one didn't have my workout playlist on it and was almost dead, drank some water while my iPod got 30 seconds of charge, went to the bathroom and blew my nose, it was 86 degrees. I tried not to psych myself out about it too much.

The first step of my first 90 second run my left calf hurt immediately. I ignored it. I had Crystal Method and the Chemical Brothers getting me going. Nothing else mattered much. Then I started feeling pretty tired. I looked at my watch and it said 1:54. Sweet! I ran longer than 90 seconds without even knowing it!

The sun was intense. And I knew it was getting hotter by the second. Note to self: start putting on sunblock! The other reason I knew it was hot: not a soul on the street! No one on bikes, no one walking. All I see are people in cars, and those industrious folks working in the shade of their garages. That's it.

Just before my second 3 minute run, my iPod died. I said "oh shit!". Because then my Mind started playing mindgames with my Body. Like any sibling rivalry, the bickering drives me nuts and my iPod helps me block it out. Mind says "Body, you're tired! Go ahead and put your left hand up on your left hip. It's OK." And Body does it and then says "NO! That's not right! It's not time to slow down yet!" Mind says "look how much farther you have to run! It's so freakin' far! Are you sure you can make it?" Body retorts "absolutely!"

But then, like any sibling rivalry, when the going gets tough, they back each other up. Mind tells me "hey you! Body's really strong! It knows exactly what it's doing!" Body says "and Mind backs me up and helps me get through - you know, like right now, when I'm trying to run 2 extra minutes at the end of this thing and Mind's telling me to keep going to the corner. Look! I made it! And I even ran longer than 2 minutes! 2:24!"

Seriously, though, I'm learning a lot about myself through running. Like I'm stronger than I think I am sometimes. But I'm also whiney. I'm also a true Arizonan and have to resist the natural urge to hide from the sun bearing down on my back by seeking out spots of shade here and there. And I could also get addicted to exercise and slimming down. And I finally have made this running thing a habit, and might just be ready for adding something like Weight Watchers to this venture.

My shins/calves don't hurt much at all (yea!) but I ice them anyway. It helps me cool down.

Next week: 3 minutes running/90 seconds walking, then 5 minutes running/2.5 minutes walking, then 3 minutes running/90 seconds walking, then 5 minutes running.

Oooh! Wish me LUCK!

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Apple Joos said...

Good luck!

I think I've decided to buy a bike. I found a really pretty Schwinn at Target that I'd love to have so maybe this will be the key to me getting out and moving more.