Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week 4! (4:1)

I'm off schedule, but I can 'splain. Last night was a major homework catchup night. Tonight was a major slack off night. So last night's run got rescheduled to tonight due to headaches, homework, and heat.

My left knee was acting up today big time. I mean pain when I was weightbearing to the point that I was exclaiming "ouch" out loud at work. Saturday night I slipped and fell on my left hip with my left ankle and knee tucked under me. It was special. In the middle of a busy restaurant. After I was trying to mess and be cute with my SIL. And I wasn't worried about all the eyes suddenly fixed on me. No. I was worried about getting my white shorts dirty on that floor! Oh, and that a possible knee or ankle injury could really screw up my running schedule. I felt absolutely nothing after that fall until today! I kid you not!

I did some stretches and just decided that it would be fine for tonight. It was.

I was SO excited when I saw that the moon was getting toward full at the end of last week. It meant I was going to get to run under a full moon! Tonight it happened and I loved it. There was a breeze, which I was VERY grateful for. Turns out 3 minutes isn't too bad after last week. But the 5 minutes nearly killed me. I thought my iPod died after that first 5 minutes. I cursed.

I can see how a woman in labor could become irrational and want to tear someone's head off. I was having a hard time running that last 5 minutes. I vowed not to look at my watch because I knew I would look too early and be sorry I did because I would have a lot longer to run. I looked at 4:00. And cursed.

EVERYTHING bothered me during that 5 minutes. The beam of M's bike light, the sound of his bike, even the moonlight. After I finished, M said "good job!" and I shook my hand at him, saying in gasping breaths something like "no. can't. can't. need focus."

I did it though. I ran for a combined total of 16 minutes and walked for a total of only 8 (not including my warm up and cool down walks).

I'm very tired. I hope that it's because of the lack of sleep last night. The coils in our AC froze and it was a warm night. I really do hope that's why it was so hard. Because I fear that in the light (and heat) of day, if it's that hard, I may just give it up.

Since I'm off schedule, I'm trying to decide when my 2 other runs this week will be. I think I'll go very early Thursday morning and then on Saturday morning. And then I'll be over half way through the program!!

And Kristine's already signed on to be my 5k partner for some of the runs over there on the right. Let's hope I can make it that far!!! (Kristine - consider this blog fair warning: I curse, spit, and don't chat well while running.)

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