Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome to Class

What did we learn today, students? Say it with me: "Do NOT Procrastinate!"

Good job! Now, let's role play using real-world examples and see how you do.

What do we do if we're concerned about our husband's lack of sleep and consider putting off our run in order to get to bed earlier, all the while promising ourselves we'll get up and go tomorrow morning?

Say it with me: "Do NOT Procrastinate!"

That's right! Because said husband could break the deal you made with him to go to bed earlier, leaving you going to bed later AND struggling with getting and staying asleep as you have for the past two weeks, resulting in about 5.5 hours of sleep when you really need about 8.5 to be rested.

And even though you'll wake up early the next morning (due to the whole can't-stay-asleep thing) you'll feel very crappy. You'll feel like if you run, your body will fall apart into a million little pieces on your route. You'll have headaches and a sore throat all day, thus ruining your chances of having a successful run later that night.

So, all you students of fitness, one more time! Say it with me: "Do NOT Procrastinate!"

You are now dismissed.

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