Saturday, July 19, 2008


6:3 is D-O-N-E!

I slept in today (go me), so I didn't get out until about 9:20. By that time it was about 90 degrees and 27% humidity. But at least it was cloudy! And a little breezy! So, rock on.

I stretched like crazy. . . but I was still sore when I started running. That first 10 minutes was killer. I was so tired and it took everything to stay strong. But, it was hard. I even poured water over myself as incentive to keep going, even though I told myself I'd wait until after the first mile and do it as a "reward". (dude, seriously - you have no idea how I gotta play those Jedi mind tricks on myself!)

I didn't look at my watch until I finished the first mile. It was at 10 minutes. I circled back (i.e. did NOT cross the street), trying to do that mental trick again. I was met with a breeze hitting me where I needed it most: my face. Yea!

After that first 10 minutes, I kind of hit my stride. When I got to the part of my route where I needed to change up and add some distance, I went from running on sidewalks to running on asphalt. M was riding next to me and I said "babe, you can do ahead" and he said "that's alright!" Then I barked "no seriously! go ahead and come back! I need to concentrate!" Needless to say, he obliged.

I then went from asphalt to gravel. Let me tell you, looking forward to hitting the sidewalk again was a major motivator! I didn't look at my watch again until around 19 minutes. I wore my knee strap, which really helped. My knee didn't hurt until several minutes after running on gravel, and it subsided again once I was back on the sidewalk. I think I'll be using the knee strap from here on out. (Have you looked at my next 3 weeks on the "plan"? No more walking for me!!)

I looked at my watch again at about 23 minutes, then several times during that 24th minute. But I made it to 25 and that's what counts.

I don't think I'll opt for this side route again next week. It wasn't too bad, but I wouldn't want to run it alone. And since I'll need to be going in the mornings (evenings are just too hot!) . . .well, we'll see. I have already mapped out another route on the other side of my route which adds 4/10 of a mile and includes sidewalks. That might help with the extra 5 minutes I'm now running (my 2 mile route only takes about 20 minutes to run).

See you next week! I'm off to start a great weekend!

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Jen said...

Hey I am so proud of you!! What an awesome thing. and I see that you have lost some weight! Good for you. I have my own little goal for running going on right now. I just started last week so we will see how well I can do. You rock!! (Oh and I totally play those jedi mind tricks w/ myself too!!)