Friday, July 18, 2008


6:2 was officially completed last night. It was 97.5 degrees when I left at 9:15. Hot, sure, but only 6% humidity.

I stretched pretty well before. My shins were a little sore. I managed the first 10 without incident. Truthfully, I was a little impatient on the 3 minute walk. I hate having to extend my route and being unsure about how far. My worst nightmare is extending my route too much and being "stranded" walking "all the way" home. Silly, since my route is very near home. But there it is. Plus, if I had been limping home last night like I was last time, it would not have been good.

The second 10 was tiring. I kept feeling sick. Every time I felt like I was going to be sick, I poured water over my head. Turns out I just had to belch - bad idea to eat a slice of whole wheat with PB & honey on it before a run - which cannot be accomplished while actually running.

I stretched down, but my "daily" stretching is not going so hot. Turns out it's hard to make a new habit stick. Which is also why I'm so glad I've stuck with running. It's truly addictive. Whenever I miss, M hears "I need to go running" every day until I go again.

6:3 will happen Saturday morning, when I'm hoping (despite the sun) it will be cooler. The challenge there is 25 minutes running and zero walking. In fact, that's all of week 7 as well. I'll definitely have to modify my route. Remember back when I mapped out a new 3.1 mile route? I'll be using part of that and hoping it works. We shall see. . .

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