Tuesday, July 15, 2008

6:1 Do Over

I started over with week 6. I was tired, and my body still feels on the brink of getting sick. But the words of a doctor I once went to were running through my head like a mantra: "sometimes you just have to exercise through the fatigue". Besides, I'm kind of tired of my body trifling with the decision of whether or not it does, in fact, want to be sick. Make up your mind already!!

It was 93.9 degrees and 14% humidity when I left. Not too bad, but I felt that humidity. I got the benefit of a full moon, though! Love when I can run by the light of the moon. It rocks!

I did a modified 6:1. On the second running interval I was going to "run for as long as I could" - which ended up being only about 10:15. So I did 5 running, 3 walking, 10+ running, 2.5 walking, and another 5 running.

I was pretty sore by the time I was done! I was limping home and threatening M that if we would've had to walk any further he would have had to carry me home.

I stretched like mad - for 15 minutes. I do this weird stretch I made up for my inner thighs/hamstrings. And I did it tonight until it stopped hurting. So it took a while. No ice, though. I really need to be stretching those legs every morning - not just before and after runs.

I'm thinking of wearing my knee band on my left knee next time - but I might have already expressed that I'm worried about being lop-sided since EVERY possible thing I have when I run is on my left: my watch, my water bottle, my iPod.

I'm in full bloat mode. I increased my water intake today. Plus it's nearly that time. Plus I haven't run since last Thursday. So, I'm not feeling so great about my progress. . . but this is a new week. And the bloat will subside. And I'll keep going.

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