Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay. . . So . . .

Sucky week last week. It got away from me. And then I felt crappy. And it certainly doesn't help that the humidity has only today dropped below 30%. Not my idea of fun!

I can do heat. I can't do humidity along with it. Seriously! Running last week at 88 degrees and high humidity was much worse than running in a dry 95 degrees.

Saturday morning I slept way way long and was lazy for the rest of the day. No run. I made the excuse that it was too humid and hot. Not that I was wrong, mind you. But it was an excuse.

Sunday morning I felt way crappy and it persisted throughout the day, culminating in a sore throat and major headache. Not much unlike today, actually.

I made it through work, but going for a run tonight would just be pushing my body and I'm not keen on getting worse. I'm going to try for tomorrow. . .

I should point out here that I really really miss running when I'm not doing it. And I'm really really excited to keep going with the program and "graduate" the C25k. Hopefully, this week I can get back on track. (yeah. I'm beginning to hate that phrase, too!)

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