Friday, May 30, 2008

2:2 (in which I vow to never ever EVER eat Rubio's tacos again)

I did it! I ran again last night. Hub joined me on his bike. Now before you go all "that's really mean of him," I prefer the biking to, say, rollerblading or actually running with me because then we'd have to engage one another. As it was, biking provided the perfect disconnect so that he could do his thing so that I could focus on my running. I REALLY needed it.

I can't say why it took that much focus, exactly. But I have a few words about this run. One: abs. Two: shin splints. Three: hurt. like. hell! My abs seemed to be on fire for the latter half of the run, my shins hurt the entire time (I really had to focus on my running form, but I was dang tired so I had to keep self correcting), and my entire body protested.

I ate two Rubio's tacos before my run. And belched them up the entire run. Gross! I knew those tacos were a bad idea. I even told M, "These tacos have too much sauce on them. Remind me never to get them again." I don't know if the whole running after dinner vs. running after half a banana (i.e. night vs. morning) is the trouble, or if I just didn't space my sessions out far enough, or if that extra 30 seconds of running is just really that hard.

If it's that last one, I'm really scared. I'm the type that when the cheeky bootcamp instructor says, jokingly (or maybe just to weed the me's of the group out), "keep going! only 99 more!", I immediately give it up and stop, thinking to myself "self, there's no way you're going to do 99 of those, so might as well quit while you're ahead." I take my own advice.

So, I start pondering the longer and longer required runs as this program progresses, and I try (try!) not to freak out. I manage to avoid the topic pretty well because I'm. really! tired.

Turns out I'm glad M came along. The street seems darker than last time, and there are a lot more potential baddies actually on the streets this time.

I find myself really savoring every second of the 90 second walking intervals, though I try really hard to keep a quick walking pace so my heart rate stays up.

By the time I'm on my cool down walk, I'm really exhausted. And my legs are clumsy. And my calves are really tight. I stretch really well.

It must have worked -all that tiredness and clumsy, plodding running - because this morning I'm back down to 169.0. 1 pound in 1 day. Woohoo!

Total time: about 35 minutes
Music: Black Eyed Peas, Hot Hot Heat, and Gorillaz

I go again tomorrow. And M has vowed to run with me. I wonder if that means I can still listen to my iPod. . .

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