Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Do-over of 5:2

I did not go running last night. I decided I was too tired. I was also too tired this morning, but I fear losing progress more than being lethargic, so I dragged my butt up and got myself going, the words of a doctor I saw within the last year echoing in my head: "sometimes you have to keep exercising through the fatigue". My back was better yesterday - today, not so much. Surprisingly, the running helped loosen it up. Weird.

It was 88.9 when I left the house and 90.5 when I got back. Not too bad. I guess.

My legs were RESTED! Almost NO shin splints this time. A little trouble with the left knee, but I'm working on that. I was trying to adjust the way my feet were pronating (look it up. I'm too tired to explain or link). And I also looked up some more stretches and some other things to try to do about knee and shin problems. And I busted out my knee strap after my run and am currently wearing it. But, no ice packs today. Hooray!

I was worried my body would forget how to run 8 minutes all at once. It didn't. Though the Jedi mindtricks of my brain took their toll on me during that second 8 minutes. I wanted to stop very badly. I wanted to look at my watch and see how long I'd been running - but that would also mean seeing how long I still had left. That kind of torture I just cannot abide. . .

Which makes me think about the real reason I took such a long break between runs. Well, you know, besides the real reason of back pain and spasms that took my breath away. Here's my theory: I saw that 5:3 entailed running for 20 minutes straight, and I freaked out. Just a little.

I know exactly how much running that equates to on my route. I know the mental, not to mention physical, endurance that's going to require. And I'm a little worried. And a little freaked out.

But, today, while running and thinking it over, I made a command decision. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it even if I can't do it. Even if my body wants to quit 10 or 15 minutes in. I'm going to do it or I'm going to give it one hell of a shot.

So. Saturday morning, I rendezvous with 5:3. I think tonight I'll go get me some runnin' shorts in preparation. I'm a little over the 3/4 length pants I've been wearing. . . especially when it's 90 degrees by 7:30 a.m.!

Oh, and also, I drove my route and tracked the mileage, then added enough of a detour so that I have a "new" route for when I get to the 5k part of this here venture. 3.1 miles, kids! 3.1 miles!

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