Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5:1 (in which I hurt)

Yay for cooler weather!!!!! It was 85 degrees when I left the house this morning. And there were some low clouds, so the sun was not as intense. I loved it! It was fabulous outside (relatively speaking, of course)!

Shins hurt immediately and did not let up. However, I overran my first 5 minutes by 40 seconds.

I watched the freakin' clock on the second 5 (first at 2:48, then multiple times between 4:30 and 5:00).

I had to stretch my tight calves, shins and left knee before the final 5 - mostly for fear they would start hurting so bad I wouldn't be able to finish. That was a BAD idea, apparently. I was in pain the entire time. But I overran by a few seconds anyway.

And after. I've never been in so much pain following a run. But every. step. hurt! Not kidding. I iced, elevated, massaged, and stretched. The only other things I can do now are rest and take ibuprofen.

Prodigy and Pearl Jam were my friends today. I saw two runners - one I've seen before, and who apparently doesn't need the crutches I do (watch, water, and tunes) since she had none of these trappings. I can't imagine not having them! I contemplated trying a run without my music - but that's just crazytalk!

I'm still hoping to get through the other 2 runs this week, but will have to see if I'm well enough rested from the knees down by tomorrow night.

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Apple Joos said...

I wouldn't be able to run without music either. (Not that I can run WITH music, but go with it...) When I'm on the elliptical and I've forgotten my iPod, I cut the "run" short by half. I just can't handle not having music playing.