Friday, June 27, 2008


I went running last night. It was a breezy and nice 88 degrees out.

I did a lot of stretching and massaging of my shins to get ready for the run. They were a little tight at first, and didn't begin to hurt until the end of the first 8 minutes.

It hurt a little less than last time, but still pretty bad when I was done.

I'm not a glutton for pain. So, unless I can really get these shins rested and ready to go, I may not do 5:3 tomorrow. I'm a little worried about pushing it, because the pain isn't good and 20 minutes of running would surely send me there quickly. And if it gets routinely painful because I'm not resting, I'll be increasingly reluctant to submit myself to it. I know me.

So, I may rest up and do it Monday night. That means giving up on doing a training week inside a calendar week, but oh well. As long as I'm running, I shouldn't worry. And I shouldn't push it.

I'd been discouraged because my weight keeps popping back up (169 yesterday) - but I decided to have faith in the process and keep sticking to it. Faith (and um, no dinner last night) must have worked - check out today's weigh in at right.

Cute thing: M went with me for protection. My iPod wasn't working, so he gave me his. And even had it on one of my fave bands - the Format - playing when we traded. Mine never did decide to work, so he had no tunes the whole time. I thought it was sweet he gave me his. He rode without music the whole time. So, I tried to talk to him during the 5 minute walk.

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