Friday, September 5, 2008

A Week's Worth

TUESDAY - "Running the Line"

This run was H-A-R-D starting with the first mile. I reminded myself of my own saying "4 is the new easy". I didn't really believe myself. So I ran the white line of the bike lane so that I didn't even have to concentrate on where I put my feet.

I hit mile #3. I hit a wall. Didn't see it coming and couldn't jump it, or crawl over or under it, so I pushed it. I told myself to push the wall. "Push it!"

I wanted to stop SOOO bad! But, I didn't want to come here and report it. I told myself "Surely you can do 1/2 a mile!? And finish this thing up? C'mon!" So I did it. I finished 4.

It was only 83 degrees, but 40% humidity. It took me 45:45, not including 3 or so minutes walking.

On the way home I saw two ice water bottles sitting next to two backpacks of kids waiting for the bus.

So I dragged myself home and made a big 'ol glass of ice water. Which is rare around these parts!

WEDNESDAY - "Rest Day Come Early"

Sore muscles + tired body = need a rest day. Swapped out with Thursday, and it's all good.

THURSDAY - "So Much for Overconfidence!"

I woke up today trying to be Neo on the Matrix. You know - where he says "there is no spoon". But instead of cutlery, I said "there is no wall!"

It was 79 or 80 when I went out. I thought "no problem!" Because of time constraints, I decided to run 5k instead of 4 miles. I immediately ran into OR, sans lab and speed walking.

The Neo approach worked for a while. There were small walls, and I managed to jump over them without tripping and falling on my face.

The air was so bloated and round with water that I was sure it couldn't even move. Then I remembered it was "only" 29% humidity. And as I expressed to OR "it's the humidity that makes it worse than it really is!" Then a school bus came along and moved the air and I got a face full, mixed with diesel - but oh how blessed was that manufactured wind!

I was TIRED. That was a wall. Then I wanted to QUIT. Big wall! I had a major slowdown. So much that my pace finishing that 3rd mile was really pathetic. I ramped it up and finished 5k in 30:53 (plus 1 minute walking).

Bonus: I got to see M before he took off for work. YEA!

FRIDAY - "Doubt Enters In"

More Jedi mind tricks today. And I was so preoccupied with running, I couldn't even tell who started it - Body or Mind! Either way, I overheard one of them say "you can't do it! Face it, you like being a 5k runner." And the other one said "No! you liked doing 5.5 miles that one time! You can do it." And the other one was like "Nah uh! I'm telling Mom!" And sure enough, like a mom walking in on a sibling fight in progress, I shouted (internally, of course) "I don't care who started it! Cut it out!"

I got to mile 3 and decided it was bad juju for me to walk in wall country, so I kept going. I told myself "push the wall!" And then I imagined myself like a Mario Bros. cartoon, and pictured my cartoon self running along with a digital cartoon wall hovering just in front of me, but moving with every step forward I took. I pushed that darn wall!

I saw OR, who looked like Jasmine from Aladdin in her little bra top and billowy, teal yoga capris.

I walked a minute between 3 and 4, and finished in 45:30. I also imagined all my spectators looking at me with some strange mixture of pity and respect. The humidity was less today (18%) but still not very nice, even with only 80 degrees!

Tomorrow, I'll attempt 8 miles. Yeah, I skipped 6 and 7 the last few Saturdays, but I'm hoping I can swing it. Plus, I promised to run at the high school track so M can practice his sprints. He has a Big Sprint Race in a couple of weeks with his trash-talking co-worker.

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Jen said...

you got more in than me this week! I only did tuesday and it was all down hill after that! This week I hope to be better! I am feeling a little discouraged for some reason but come on I only have 4 more weeks! I gotta get going! Anyway good for you for getting it done!