Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2:2 v.2

It's official. Mornings are better. Can't believe I'm saying that, but there it is.

I woke up d-o-g tired, willed myself out of bed, pulled my running clothes on and got moving. I ate a banana, popped a couple of ibuprofen since my head was already threatening. I figured they would also help with the shin splints should I suffer from them anew.

I saw a quail running. It was fast! I also saw 4 bunnies. They were fast. I decided I wanted to run like the quail and the rabbits. Then again, they ran in a fearful, zigzag evasive pattern, so maybe not.

My body is tired. But not as tired or heavy as at night, after dinner.

I got a new watch. With bigger numbers than those on my phone. Turns out I love it! It really helps.

This morning, I'm kind of in a hurry. I've left the house late and am trying to get back to see M before he leaves for work. I hit the usual place and turn back on my route. Apparently the wind that had been at my back is now at my front. I immediately think "great! this'll make it harder to run!" But instead of slowing me down, it cools me down. Bonus!

Still, I keep watching my new watch. Well, not on the running intervals. That's just torture. My get moving music today consists of Outkast, Pearl Jam and Prodigy. It helps to have good music that is meaningful to me. It keeps my mind from the doldrums of running. And it won't let my body run off into an alley somewhere and curl up into a ball and die.

I see the end of my route coming up ahead and I decide that, in order to get home to see M quicker, I'll run two whole minutes. Straight. I pick a point ahead and decide I will not look at my watch to see how much I have left until I hit that point. I begin to run. And I'm pushing through. And then it happens.

Runner's high! Legal, natural, totally organic drugs!! And not just a trickle. No. A flood!! It pours over me in waves for about 30 seconds straight. I get to the designated "look and see" spot and it's about 1:45 into my 2 minute run. And the drugs keep coming. And I. LOVE. it!

I did it. I ran for 2 minutes. And I pat myself on the back for doing week 2 over again and for switching to mornings and for getting a wristwatch and for setting a schedule.

And for weighing in at 167.4 before my run! I haven't been here in quite a while!!!

I get home just as M is pulling out of the garage. Yea! I made it!

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applejoos said...

Oh! Prodigy is awesome for running! Especially "Smack my bitch up". That song is just driving!