Monday, June 2, 2008

Chunks & Acid (C 2 5k 2:3 or C 2 5k 2:1v2)

It's official. I hate night runs. I had planned to run Saturday morning. But my right leg hurt somewhere between my shin and my calf. Every time I walked on it.

So, it got postponed until tonight. M ran with me. Once I got him to be quiet and leave me alone, it was smooth sailing. Well. Sort of.

Rule number 1: keep your legs under you. My shins hurt this time. Again. I had to concentrate to keep my legs under me instead of in front of me. It's supposed to help. It kind of did.

Rule number 2: don't eat pizza before running. Bunches of belching ensue. And I get chunks and acid when I walk in the door.

While running, I started thinking how last time I was extra tired. I've chalked it up to eating dinner before running.

So. Tired and hurting. Again. I vow to run on a schedule. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And it only took me a few weeks to figure that out! (Told you I'm not good with time or schedules!) Der!

And so M can come with me at least once - Monday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Friday mornings.

And so that I can keep them all in one week, I'm doing a do-over of week 2. Plus, I'd like to try the 90 second intervals in the mornings and see if it hurts as badly. I'm kind of getting freaked out at the pain and wondering whether I'll be able to make the big leap up to running 3 minutes. So, today will be considered 2:1 version 2.

I've decided that running is a good destresser. Not because I get all "in the zone" or because I'm so into it. No. Because it takes all my concentration. So I have no energy to think about anything else but running. Good, right?

Meanwhile, I sit here icing my shins as a form of treatment.

See you Wednesday.

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applejoos said...

GOOD LUCK!! You can do it!