Saturday, July 26, 2008

25 minutes = 15 + 1:15 + 1 + zigzag + 4 + 1:15 + 5 (plus too much cursing)

Today was an "off plan" run. I'm trying to get back "on plan" and do week 7 fresh next week.

Today was seriously the hardest run I've ever ever done. It was also the most tired I've ever ever been after a run.

Wicked bad war games between Body and Mind today, folks. Lots of arguments ensued. Like:

"Can we please please stop now?"
"What and walk all the way home from here?! No way!"
"But I'm going to die!"
"C'mon [expletive]! Keep going!"

I was really just hoping for the whole "get past the first 10 minutes and you'll feel better" thing, but it never materialized. My right shin ached a little, my left knee was already hurting despite the band, and my left shin hurt. (????)

I first looked at my watch at 12:49. Body wanted to quit. Mind made it keep going. Mind said "get to 15 and you can maybe have a break" and then looked at my watch. It was 15:01 so, instead of pushing myself further, I stopped. Mind told Body "you've got one minute, so make it good." It ended up being 1:15.

I was trying to then run the rest of my 25 minute run, plus make up the one minute, which would have been 11 minutes total.

I crossed the street. Then Body did not want to be on that side of the street. It wanted the greater amount of shade on the other side. (The sun was a beast today!) I really had to push to get even 5 minutes out. Hence the second 1:15 walk.

Then that last 5 minutes was a killer! I looked at my watch a lot. I have never wanted to quit so bad in my entire life! At one point Body just stopped, right there in mid-stride, but Mind said "C'mon! You can do anything for a minute and a half! GO!"

So I did. And I limped the rest of the way home. While I was limping, between pouring water over myself to cool down, I was thinking about why it was that it was SO hard to finish this run.

Was it because I've been sick most of the week?

Was it because I've been underslept most of the week?

Was it because I haven't run for a week and Body forgot how?

Was it because I had to pee from drinking too much water before?

Was it because it's 28% humidity outside?

Was it because I was hungry because I only had an apple and then dillydallied before leaving the house?

Seriously. I was BEAT when I got home. All I wanted to do was hop in the shower and then immediately go back to bed.

I was too tired to stretch. Too tired to go to the bathroom. Too tired to even blog. Oh wait! Here I am. Trust me, though. It's been a chore.

Off to the shower! (I'm shticky!!!)


Brooke said...

sometimes you just have bad runs. i do. next time will be better.

Jen said...

but you pushed!! so good for you!!