Friday, November 21, 2008

Give it all you got

I was up and at 'em yesterday - the only exerciser out on the streets, even though it wasn't that early.

The weather was FANtastic!

My head is still stuffy and I forgot to blow my nose. So, when I wasn't sniffing and snuffing, I was hocking and spitting. I spit a lot. The breathing was not so easy.

It was S-L-O-. . . W going! I blamed the switch from running shorts to track/sweat pants. Really, it was the month-long break.

Again, it wasn't really that early, but my slow plodding woke up slumbering dogs, who slurred their barks in my direction. I thought "C'mon dumb dogs! Give me all you've got!" Then I realized I wasn't really taking my own advice. But in my estimation, lingering head cold + recovering from recent health issues + 2 miles without stopping - my iPod (which died 10 minutes in) = pretty freakin' good.

2 miles took me 23:45. Nearly 1 minute slower per mile than normal. I'm wanting to get back out there more regularly. It's going to take some time getting back up to speed, as manifested by my sore obliques and quads, which consistently attest that the break did not do me good!

I'm hoping for a morning run tomorrow so I get 2 in this week.

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Jen said...

oh good for you! slow or not you did it and that is what counts. i have decided it is entirely too hard to get up and go by myself. my buddy and i get up and meet at 4:45 so those dogs bark at us the whole time, especially since they can hear us but not see us. good times!
Glad to hear you felt well enough to get out there!