Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 3 Do-Over? Hated It!

Today was a hate-it kind of running day. After struggling last week with timing and energy and such, I decided to do Week 3 over.

Following a particularly slow and dawdling morning, I self-imposed a shortened lunch hour today, which meant I would be running at the gym or somewhere near work instead of traveling home to go on my favored route. I could not bear the gym, so I improvised a route (2.35 miles) and set out.

Only, I had forgotten the hills up and down that route. My shins immediately protested (which reminded me I must really get more serious about doing yoga), so I improvised an alternative route. Which only brought more inclines/mini-hills. In fact, that was the theme of today’s run, if you really want to know. They were everywhere I ran! But, upside? The weather was fabulous. Even so, I was sweating in the crease of my right elbow, which, truthfully, does not make me very excited about running into the summer months.

Nonetheless, I totally won the victories over each those mini-hills, and victories over my protesting shins, over my tired body, and over the dreaded why-on-earth-am-i-doing-this speed bump that sits at the very beginning of nearly every run lately.

So, party people, I am here to report that I continuously ran 2.49 miles in 23.19 minutes!! Even with the hills, Simon Says that’s a 9.3 minute mile! Woooo-freakin’-hooooooo!!!!!

Now, here’s the trouble I had last week that I am hoping to avoid this week: I again delayed my first run of the week til Tuesday. Logic says my next two runs should fall on Thursday and Saturday – except I’m home with my kid on Thursday, which means I will have to run two consecutive days.

I don’t know quite what my mental block about that is, since I ran consecutive days back when training for the half. . . but I will have to overcome it if I am going to be successful this week. Oh, and I’ve banned my husband from going fishing this Saturday, so that takes care of that!

So, look for me tomorrow. I’ll be attempting a back to back and doing a 5k (my first since. . . . well, since this one).

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Miranda said...

Yay!!! I too skipped Monday and ran on Tuesday. Which means that I'm running tonight and tomorrow due to the fact that I work on Saturday. My right shin hasn't been as sore. Thinking that my shoes and me constantly telling myself to relax my legs/feet might be helping. Gonna try for a 5k this week too, although I don't think it'll be non-stop. I've got to remember to take a watch so I can see my time.