Friday, January 21, 2011

I DID IT! (Week 3, Day 2)

I was tired. I had procrastinated. I had taken Excedrin. . .

But, I had also left early from work with the intention of going on a sunset run. And so I did.

That second mile is on an uphill grade, so it was a little tough. I was leery of a weirdo dude wearing jeans, sandals with socks, and a suit jacket and carrying all manner of boxy briefcase, plastic bags and cowboy boots. I wanted to say "wife kick you out?" but I didn't. I did, however, eye him suspiciously each time I passed him, which was three. (My point? Hmmm. Get back to you on that one.)

I ran. (I suppose that's my point.)

I also became more fully aware of just how much I'll miss non-smog air and mountain views when we move back into town. And how much my shins ache in the first 3 or so minutes of running. And how letting the mind lead, not the body is really good and practical advice in all sorts of scenarios, not just running.

Oh? And also? I run primarily for fitness, secondarily for weight loss/maintenance. Well into my second mile, I was all "wow! I feel really good doing this!" and then my brain recalled all the chocolate, butter cookies and Half Baked I have consumed over the last 2-3 days (more butter cookies than the other two, and the chocolate was darkity dark. . . but still . . . ) and I realized this was probably barely a break-even kind of run. Man! I must do better on the eating thing!

Here's the lovely thing that sometimes happens when running: I got into that third mile and my mind decided my body had quieted down enough such that I could run forever. Of course, my body quickly disagreed. They settled their negotiations on the original 5k. (Only the route I have always thought was 3.1 miles - 5k - was actually only 3 miles today - and probably every other day I ever ran it too. Bummer.) (Maybe this would have helped?) (No. It wouldn't have. It says the route is 2.9 miles, which I know it isn't because I have driven it in my car and odometered it, man. . . )

Either way, the hump distance of 2.5 was overcome today, triumphed by a full 3! I haven't done that in over 2 years!!

I ran non-stop, but added the twist of following my seester's idea of pushing it in the last stretch. I ramped up my speed just as some bicycling and scootering little kids meandered in my path then saw me running fast and said "whoa!"

I finished strongly at 31.15 minutes. 10.38 minute mile average. Not too shabby. But who are we kidding? It's no 9.3! (Mayhaps Wednesday's couple of spoonfuls of Half Baked followed with a massive butter cookie chaser, Thursday's mini chili dog and slider lunch, and today's dark chocolate squares and more spoonfuls of Half Baked had something to do with anchoring me down?) (Perhaps.)

Good news? I am excited to go again tomorrow.

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Miranda said...

Go you! I had perfectly good intentions of running this afternoon too, but they were thwarted by the necessary tax-filing that needed to get done. Tomorrow for sure though! I think I'm at about a 15 minute mile, so you'll definitely finish before me!! I'm going to try to stick with nothing less than 3 miles from here on out... and good job with pushing yourself at the end. That's always the icing on the cake for me!