Monday, January 24, 2011

Doing the Can-can: Week 4, Day 1

So much for "plans".

Did you guess by now that Saturdays are not my most successful running days?
Or that, try as I might, I can never make it up on a Sunday?
Did you know that my race is on a Sunday?
And I have no idea how that's going to work?

Is my training all over the place?
Do I routinely skip my third run?
Yesity yes yes.

Is all I have to say.

Started fresh off today! Planned for 3 miles, but started running late in the day. It was getting dark, my husband had a no-good, horrible, F-word inducing work day, and at the end of mile two I just felt I had better get home. I called M and said "Wohahu?" and he told me a tale of a cranky backseat baby who had drunk all his milk and was a very hungry boy.

So, good thing I was home.

Relieved as I was to be making some dinner for the boys, I still felt the tiniest bit cheated out of my run.

Is all I have to say.


I'm on track to run 4 on Wednesday. So. . . Week 4 here I come!

(Btw? Mile 1? Sucked. Mile 2? Infinitely better. Sad I had to stop. Glad I went, even though I tried talking myself out of it several times.)

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