Friday, May 9, 2008


Remember when we used to be kids and we'd call out "do over" and not feel bad and just change gears and do it all over, whatever it was?

Well, I'm trying to do a "do over" with that quick a shift and as little ego bruising as possible.


Tomorrow will be Chapter 1, Verse 1, version 2.0 of my C 2 5k inaugural run.

Stay tuned!


Trina said...

ok so u and i talked the other day about running and let me tell u that i loved running (in the military i ran over 3mi a day and walked all day on top of that and also ran 2mi in less than 7min- fastest time EVER!) i find that my body does not love it as i do anymore, i have aches and pains but those are telling me that i am on way to back to how i used to be and i feel proud so u should too!

applejoos said...

Around here, we call that a mulligan! When something stinks and you want to just start over from the beginning, that's a mulligan, LOL. Good for you for starting over, though. I made a sad, sad attempt at Day 1 yesterday and today I feel like I rode a horse bareback for a month. Not pleasant. Keep us posted!