Monday, May 12, 2008

C 2 5k 1:1 version 2.0

I awoke this morning, my throat so dry it didn't resemble a throat, my nose and sinuses fully inflamed and stuffy.

I thought "not this again!" See, Friday, I felt great. I thought I was all better. I even made a "workout" playlist on the ol' iPod so I was ready to run on Saturday morning. But I woke on Saturday morning, and again on Sunday morning, and again this morning feeling pretty crappy. This sickness has reared its ugly head for a second round. Which completely pisses me off and sets my running program back.

So, I got up, got dressed in workout clothes, grabbed all my gear, stretched out, and shouted a "see you later" to M before leaving the house and 6:50 a.m.

I ran. And walked. I watched the song timer on my iPod to measure my intervals. That was new. Last time I just guesstimated. Let's just say I'm not a clock watcher! So, it was HARD. Not to watch. But to run, then walk, then watch.

Hard, but useful. I found out I can easily run the 60 second intervals. I can do about 90, which makes me hopeful for week 2. But I have less patience with walking for 90. I usually start thinking "it's about time to run again" at about the 60 second mark. I'm thinking I might take the idea Apple had and download the running program so I can know when to start/stop. That or a sports watch. I'm just not so good at the clock watching thing.

By about 2 minutes, my head, despite the just-before-leaving snot blowing, is full and stuffy again and I have to blow my nose. Again. Except. . . I have no kleenex, not even a napkin. And I don't see one anywhere on the ground. Yep. That desperate! So I start hocking loogies. Yuck, but true. And suddenly vital to the success of my run.

My body was tired. But I was determined. I saw a very overweight woman walking her dog and I thought "good for her". Which is probably the same thing the real runner thought about me when he saw me. I ran into him again later, we passed each other within 5 feet on either side of the street, and no niceties were exchanged. Hmph! I thought runners would have some sort of code. You know -like bikers do. No luck. Either he was struggling as much as I was or he was just not interested in making nice with a walking/running stranger.

I only saw him because I had to duck off of my normal route because the city was spraying weed killer in the center dividers, a stink which my hypochondriacal brain was sure was poison and lethal and given that I'm breathing out of my mouth because my nose is stuffed up, going straight to my lungs! So much so that I cover my mouth and nose with my top and head for a side street.

I watched for the telltale signs of soreness I had last time. I don't have any. My throat's a little dry. And my lungs feel exhausted. But my body's fine.

Looking forward to the "increased white blood cell count" my chiro's office has promised me so that hopefully when I run on Wednesday or Thursday, I can do it unsickly like.


applejoos said...

Good luck to you! I'm glad you managed it. I feel like such a dork that I can't do this.

Jen said...

Good for you!! I found a 1/2 marathon in payson that i want to run but my body doesn't really want to between foot injuries and stupid hips. so we will see!!! Way to get out there sick even!