Friday, February 1, 2013

All the Runnin' Ladies

I'm in training for a 10k.  The Phoenix Marathon 10k.  In just one month's time I'll be running from Fitch Park to Bass Pro Shops.  For better or worse.

I've slacked on my runs this week.  I've been so fatigued and have had some really weird and breath-catching joint pain.  But mostly fatigued.

Still, I skipped a nap today to go for a run.  So, there's that.

3 non-stop miles in 36:07. 

My spit was working against me.  I'm seriously thinking of having a shirt made for race day that says "Watch OUT: I spit!" 

And then there was Gaga on the iPod.  I recently ditched my "Workout" playlist in favor of "M's Workout" playlist.  And he has Gaga.

Which got me thinking.  I have a pretty good running poker face.  Face forward, expressionless, focused.  Mouth set in a small "o", breathing steadily in, out, in, out.

Oh, but do I ever have a tell. 

I hand-dance.

That's what I said!  I. hand. dance!

And the occasional little head knod. 

And maybe some lip-syncing.

And a hard-set facial expression when running up a hill to Nine Inch Nails' "Only".

And then there was that moment today, when I almost had myself a little Beyonce moment, Dizzy style, when listening to "Single Ladies".  It was very nearly a cross between Dizzy and. . . well, this.  It was nearly a horrible mess. 

So, there's an experiment for you: try to run and listen to that song and not dance!

1 comment:

Melanie Banner said...

I'm impressed you went on a run instead of taking a nap!

I've also belted out in song on many of my runs! I have to remind myself that others can hear me....but sometimes I still don't care, lol!