Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Recovery

First, my low back went out.
Then, I got a stupid cold that lasted for weeks.
Then, heavy period.
Now? I (think I) am in the throes of a full on Epstein-Barr attack.

But! I did yoga last night and it felt SO good. I've been feeling off center and have needed it. I want to do it every non-run day (except maybe Sundays).

The other day we drove by our new house. We are cautiously excited about it and try not to get ourselves to worked up over its better location and all its other good points that sold us on it.

But! I saw a runner coming up the canal bank and it was really really hard not to get excited about the fact that even though we'll be "in the city" we won't be so close to the city that I'll be breathing smog when I run. Oh, and, of course, the challenge of running on the canal banks nearby!

In the meantime, I'm fighting fatigue with activity. First, yoga. Next, running!

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