Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two and Two, But Not Quite Two

Training goal for today? 2 miles.

Actual miles run? 1.88 in 27:26 minutes. Non-stop. (Is that slower than Monday? I really don’t know on account of I can’t figure out exactly what I did to figure it out two days ago.)

Form goal for today? Shoulders down, shoulders back.

That scaled-down track and the counting lap sets is killing me! (No, seriously! The math is way too much. . . my brain starts trying to figure out how far I’ve run and I just don’t operate like that.) (True story: this one time in bootcamp at the gym, we were doing some abdominal thing and the instructor said “Only 99 more to go!” and I up and quit right there. Because I like things to be attainable. Yessiree!)

Here’s the thing about today: I was sore, but I did not die. I was slow, but I did not stop. I was tired, but I did not quit. (When I was tired, I would just ask myself “are my shoulders down? Are they pulled back?”) (I hunch when I’m tired.)

So, the run? Over. Done. Finito! And onward to Saturday. (Not a day too soon, either. Boy howdy do I want to start running outside!!!!! No laps!)

Also? I think my right foot might be working harder than my left at keeping the heel/toe strike going. Form goal for next week, perhaps?

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