Monday, January 3, 2011

Day One, Week Two = Death?

So. Today was Day One of Week One the Do-Over. (I know, I know, it was technically supposed to be Day One of Week Two by now, but remember? I was sick and stuff?)


I ran.

I fiddled with my iPod and got it to track laps for me. The track is miniature - scaled down to 1/16 of a mile rather than the typical (?) 1/4 - so while I stretched I did the math in my head:
1/16 of a mile times two miles means 32 laps.
My iPod stops tracking after 21.
OK. So, I'll log every two laps and then I'll only have to keep track of two.
But then how will I know how many sets of two I've done?
How many do I need to do?
32 divided by 2 is. . . 16.
OK. So 16. Won't the iPod tell me?
Well, I'll figure it out as I go, right?
I used to run an 11 minute mile, so I'll run for 23 or 24 minutes and call it good.

First, the music wasn't loud enough. That's when I was still trying to figure out the tracking and didn't want to mess it up.

But then, I was trying to keep track of how many sets of two I did and the whole thing made me blurry and fatigued. That's about when I looked at my watch and had only been running something in the neighborhood of 10 minutes.

That's about the time I thought "Oh holy dying!!" My alter running ego said "A holy death? Righteous!!" "Death by running in the middle of this suspended air track?" I pondered . . . "Not so righteous."

And so we continued.

And then?

I cranked the music.

And then?

Drugs, glorious drugs. In waves. In concert with my music.
(How do people run without music?)
Drugs! At least 3 times!
(Does anyone else air drum while running, by the way?)

I ran 23.45 minutes without stopping.

Turns out that was only 14.5 sets of two.
Math, please?
1.81 miles.
Technically, I walked two cool down laps, so . . . .

Nope, doesn't count. I short changed it.
My 11 minute mile has become a 13.4 minute mile.
Though I do suspect foul iPod play, truth be told.

Only Week Two, Day Two will tell, right?

(pssst! Either way, I'm not doing Week One over. I'm going to hop along to Week Two and see whether the 3 miler this week kills me. If I'm not back by Monday. . . well, come looking for me.)

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Amy N. said...

I'm one of those weirdos who runs without music. Because it's hard for me to do the math when I run with music. I can't think. Also, my form suffers with music and I find if I concentrate on it I can run faster and easier.

By the way if you keep running an investment in a garmin sports watch is very useful, no math involved.

Way to go on getting started!