Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zig and Zag

I must have accidentally cursed myself last time with all my trying to be clear. I had to go and say tunes were a constant, and then the Universe said "oh yeah?? Bam! iPod dead!"

And so it was when I showed up to run at the gym on Wednesday. Swallowing hot workout saliva AND no tunes. I knew I was in for it.

It went something like this:
Crap! Really? Dead? Let me just make sure the lock switch is really off.
Dead. Ugh. This is going to be fun. I can just tell.
Oh crap again! They changed the direction of the track. More fun!
Better get going! [running finally commences, with iPod earphones stuck in my ears to block out various and sundry gym noises]
OK. I'm only running 15 minutes! Not 20! But I'll do it without stopping! ! ! !
I can't see the mountains from this track direction.
Why is that guy walking in my path? Walkers are supposed to stay to the inside lane. Hello!?!
I wonder if today is the day I will run into this pole?
Oh, that's where my shins are!
Well, I guess I could count laps. But that might just be an acute form of torture in this music-less condition. I can't be sure.
I seem to be making more eye contact with gym goers today. I wonder if they can tell I'm not really listening to music because of my shifty eyes. . .?
Is someone calling my name?
Why is that elliptical chick staring at me?
Why are the walls painted that horrid blue/green color? Blech.
Man, I'm tired. But I refuse to look at my watch!
No, seriously! Is someone calling my name?
And now a basketball is being bounced below. That's gotta be one of the most annoying sounds, right?
Man, back to back sucks! Note to self: yoga workout the night before running = not a great idea!
I wonder if K from my office can see me running. She probably thinks I'm cranking the tunes. Little does she know I'm bored out of my ghord.
Oh great! I can see the wall clock from this track direction! That should make this all go much faster!
Ugh. Tired.
Oh look! Walking Girls! Quick! Pass them before this lap ends!
That was fun. But still (more) tired!
OK. Concentrate on form. Relax your shoulders. Heel strikes up to toes. Neck pulled back. Arms loose. Abs pulled in. Breathe. Breathe.
Maybe it's easier to concentrate on form when music isn't distracting me?
Maybe, but I still miss music.
Wait! Am I really ANSWERING myself now? Oh, this is bad!
Walking Girls ahead! Quick! Pass them again before the lap ends!
OK. Am I done yet?
A few more minutes. . .
No, seriously! Back to back workouts really sucks!
Is that a stitch in my side??? What the. . . ?
Want. to. spit!!
Man, I'm really running slowly. Where are those Walking Girls?
Halfway around the track from you. If you hurry you could try to pass them again.
Am I done yet?
Almost, but what is it you are going to do after 15 minutes is up?
Speed walk, of course!
Walking Girls! Quick!
Man, this pretty much sucks. Make sure you charge your iPod next time.
Aaaannnnnnd speedwalk! (Finally!)

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Jen said...

i love this post!!! good job on your 15!!