Saturday, February 27, 2010

In My (under)Estimation

Here’s the thing: I underestimate life. A lot. When I was pregnant, I was sure I’d be running again at 3 weeks postpartum, do another 9-week C25k, and be running 5k again by the time I went back to work.

I did not count on being so tired and sore after childbirth. I quickly saw that this goal was lofty.

So, I slated my return to running to coincide with my return to work. I did not count on being so worn out and having days that stretched from 5:30 a.m. until well after 10 and that I’d count myself lucky to get anything over 6 hours of very broken sleep. I quickly realized that I would have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to fit running in.

I already know how much lack of sleep sabotages my running efforts, how much it works against me. It always has in the past and sleep is a precious precious commodity around these parts. Something I’ll not give up easily.

Still, as the weather warms, I’m seeing more and more runners out and about. Which makes me crave running! Lack of sleep aside, I worry whether resuming running will affect breastfeeding. I read several confusing articles on the subject; in short, it might, but maybe not.

So, for sleep’s sake, I’ve decided to wait until the baby is sleeping through the night. I’ve decided to wait until my schedule is a little more smooth so that getting up at 5 a.m. doesn’t feel like torture.

I’ve decided to wait until my body levels out, so that I don’t risk illness, injury,
or “drying up”. Besides, I’m still gradually dropping weight, but my tailbone and pelvic bones are still sore.

With the recent unpredictably rainy weather, I’ve also decided to wait until it’s reliably nice out.

I’m so anxious to get out there! I just can’t force it. I know my body – and too little sleep and more stress will only work against me. Stress and lack of sleep make me gain weight and take their hideous toll on everything else in my life.

Hopefully all this waiting won’t amount to more than a few months’ time. Right now, my goal is to be running 5k regularly by Labor Day, and to work myself up to 10k (or more) by November.

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Amy R. Nelson said...

Found you via MMB.

I hate it when for various reasons I'm unable to run. What a stress reliever it is! Having had two kids myself I can tell you that eventually you get to sleep again for more than 20 minute intervals. Running is a lot easier then!